Buy and sell Bowls


I was hoping to have this section run within the website, however I am having technical problems getting it to work consistently. I will look at locating it within the site in the off season.


Meanwhile, as a service to members, you can use 

This forum or Noticeboard is run by SDBL as a free service and as such is run for the members convenience and Sdbl accept no responsibility for bowls bought and sold.

I have only just got this up and running so please be patient whilst I add further information on how to use it. Feel free to have a go at using it. If you do then clearly mark the thread that you are trying it out . Also, please conduct all conversations in a civil manner.

The forum has a general discussion area. Please post  any useful suggestions there. At present, the forum is open to anyone to post, but it can be restricted to registered members.


mark klinger