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SCUNTHORPE WEEKLY BOWLS REPORT for Scunthorpe Telegraph – 05.09.19


Division One – In Division Shires on 172 points are at the top of the League followed by Cemex on 164 points in second place. Cemetery Road are currently in third place on 161 points with Scunthorpe in fourth place with 111 points.

Results: Rose Leisure 2 Cemetery Rd 10, Epworth 12 Barton BR 0, Rose Leisure 8 Messingham 4,

Scotter 10 Epworth 2, Messingham 12 Scotter 0, Railway Spts 10 Cemex 2, Shires 10 Epworth 2,

Cemetery Rd 11 Scotter 1, Cemex 10 Scunthorpe 2.

Division Two – In this Division Bottesford ‘A’ on 141 points are in first place in the Division with Brigg ‘A’ on 128 points in second place followed by Winterton ‘A’ in third position on 126 points. Results: Brigg ‘A’ 8 Bottesford ‘A’ 4.

Division Three – Shires ‘B’ are at the head of Division Three with a score of 136 points followed by Brigg ‘B’ on 131 points in second place. Belton ‘B’ on 129 points are in third place followed by Messingham ‘B’ on 119 points in fourth place.

Results: Scotter ‘B’ 0 Rose Leisure ‘B’ 12, Shires ‘B’ 12 Appleby Frod 0, Messingham ‘B’ 4 Brigg ‘B’ 8.

Nth Kelsey 8 Cemetery Rd ‘C’ 4, Belton ‘B’ 8 Cemetery Rd ‘C’ 4.

Division Four – Railway Sports ‘B’ with a total of 154 points are the new Champions of the Fourth Division with Winterton ‘B’ on 114 points currently in second place. Crowle on 108 points are in third spot followed by Barton Park ‘B’ in fourth place with 105 points.

Results: Barton Pk ‘B’ 10 Railway Spts ‘C’ 2, Railway Spts ‘C’4 Sheffield Pk 8,

Brigg ‘C’ 10 Barton Pk ‘B’ 2, Winterton ‘B’ 12 Bottesford ‘B’ 0.

Ladies Division – In this Division Scunthorpe with a total of 52 points are in the top spot followed by Cemetery Road on 49 points in second position. Bottesford on 39 points are in third place followed by last season’s champions Shires also on 39 points in fourth place.

Results: Scunthorpe 2 Cemetery Rd 4.


591a  592a


The Finals of the Scunthorpe & District Bowls League Individual Knockout Competitions were hosted by Shires Bowls Club. Derek Longcake the League’s President Elect welcomed everyone and then after each Final presented the appropriate trophies to all the competitors throughout the day. The competition finals got under way in the morning with the Men’s Singles (Hospital Cup), the Ladies Singles (Lysaghts Cup) being played. In the Men’s Singles John Markham (Shires) played against Andy Bennett (Shires) and what a demonstration of top class bowling they both delivered to the numerous spectators. As the encounter commenced it was John Markham that soon found himself leading by 5 to 2 shots demonstrating some consistent and accurate bowling. However Andy Bennett then started to produce some excellent form and managed to reduce his opponent’s advantage and then went on to take over the lead by 9 to 8 shots. At this point in the match both players continued on matching one another bowl for bowl and each playing some awesome bowls. As the match progressed on through the second half the lead continued to swap from one player to the other showing what a quality match this had turned out to be. With the scores at 18 shots each with 21 shots needed to win the battle it was now down to who could hold their nerve. However as the final ends were played out it was John Markham that maintained his match winning form to secure the final two ends to take the title by 22 to 18 shots.

The Ladies Singles (Lysaghts Cup) played between Sue Cooper (Shires) and Jane Wardle (Kirton Lindsey) turned into an encounter that was a nip and tuck battle as both players found some awesome form on the day. As the match started Jane Wardle shot out of the starting blocks with some accurate bowls and sped into an early lead of 6 to 1 shots. However Sue Cooper soon settled down and started to produce some great bowls to not only draw level but then secured the lead by12 to 6 shots. With both players still delivering some great bowls it was the Kirton Lindsey Bowls Club player who lifted her form in the match to edge her way back to level the battle at 13 shots each. Maintaining her quality of play Jane Wardle kept up the pressure on her opponent retaking the lead and winning the remaining six ends of the match to eventually run out the worthy winner by 21 to 13 shots. The Mixed Pairs (Corus Cup) was competed for between June Wressell and Brian Harrop (Cemetery Road) and Chris Smith and Janet Dockrill (Cemetery Rd). This match saw sisters June and Janet competing against one another in a no love lost intense battle. Both rinks produced some quality bowls but it was the Smith/Dockrill pair that charged off by developing themselves an early lead of 10 to 0 shots. As the match continued the Smith/Dockrill duo then started with some excellent bowls to steadily edge their way back into the game to trail by 13 to 6 shots. Although the Smith/Dockrill pair played some excellent bowls they were unable to stop a Wressle/Harropp pair in such awesome form from holding on to claim the title by 27 to 18 shots. The Men’s (Hunter Cup) was contested by Adrin Wardle and David Portanier (Kirton Lindsey) against Andy Bennett and Andy Willey (Shires). In this match the Bennet/Willey pairing developed a 18 to 0 shots lead with some first class play leaving their opponents struggling to match them. As the game progressed on the Bennett/Willey pair continued to produce quality bowls maintaining their dominance in this match. The Kirton Lindsey pair stuck to their task and also delivered some quality bowls but against opponents in such awesome form there was little they could do. As the final bowl of the last end came to rest the Shires pairing of Andy bennett and Andy Willey eventually claimed the title by a 28 to 12 shots victory.


593a  594a

The Open Triples (Star Shield) was competed for between Darren Barnard, Roy Hutchinson and Paul Johnson (Scunthorpe) and Wilf Wilson, John Close and Keith Sylvester (Messingham) in a match that was played in an excellent spirit that drew some quality bowling from both trios. The game started with the Scunthorpe rink taking an slight early lead of 5 to 3 shots and by the halfway stage of the encounter they had maintained their lead to just 9 to 8 shots. Both sets of players received much applause as they continued to produce quality bowls that the numerous spectators fully appreciated. However in the second half of the match the Barnard/Hutchinson/Johnson trio carried on producing some quality bowls extending their lead in the match to 14 to 10 shots. As the final bowl came to rest in this encounter the Scunthorpe rink managed after an excellent competitive match to hold on to secure the victory by 24 to 17 shots.


595a  596a

In the Ladies’s Pairs (Jubilee Cup) Sue Cooper and Rena Markham (Shires) faced a game against Jenny Rowe and Sue Bennett (Shires). With both pairs of players producing great form the Jenny Rowe/Sue Bennett duo had the edge over their opponents as they dominated the first half of the battle securing a lead of 9 to 3 shots. However as the match progressed on the Cooper/Markham pairing started to ease themselves back into the game as they delivered some excellent bowls to pull the scores back to trail by just 11 to 9 shots. The Cooper/Markham pair tried hard but were unable to stop their opponents from maintaining their lead with a score-line of 15 to 13 shots with two ends left to play. The final ends of this match produced some competitive bowls from both pairs but it was the Jenny Rowe and Sue Bennett pairing that eventually won both ends scoring a total of 2 shots to secure the victory by 17 to 13 shots.


597a  598a

The Finals Day closed with the League President Elect Derek Longcake thanking and congratulating the competitors for providing the excellent display of bowling all day for the numerous spectators. The League’s General Secretary Vince Hardie thanked the Shires Club for it’s hospitality and the members who on the day provided an excellent array of refreshments and for their hard work in preparing an excellent playing surface for the Competition Finals.

Finals Results:

HOSPITAL CUP (Mens singles)

Winner: John Markham (Shires) - Runner-up: A. Bennett (Shires).4

HUNTER CUP (Open pairs)

Winner: Andy Bennett/Andy Willey (Shires) - Runner-up: A. Wardle/D. Portanier (Kirton Lindsey).

STAR SHIELD (Open triples)

Winner: Darren Barnard/Roy Hutchinson/Paul Johnson (Scunthorpe) - Runner-up: Wilf Wilson/John Close/Keith Sylvester(Messingham).

LYSAGHTS CUP (Ladies singles)

Winner: Jane Wardle (Kirton Lindsey) - Runner-up: Sue Cooper (Shires).

JUBILEE CUP (Ladies pairs)

Winner: Jenny Rowe/Sue Bennett (Shires) - Runner- up: Sue Cooper/Rena Markham (Shires)

CORUS CUP (Mixed Pairs)

Winner: June Wressle/Brian Harrop (Cemetery Road) – Runner-up: Chris Smith/Janet Dockrill (Cemetery Road).


The Scunthorpe & District Bowls League’s ‘Presentation Evening’ incorporating The Scunthorpe Triples League will be held at Redbourn Social Club on Friday 4th October 2019 from 7.00pm until midnight. Entertainment will be provided by the legendary local band ‘The Moggies’ singing a mixture of 60’s to present day material along with ‘Sounds Incorporated Disco. Tickets cost £8.50p per person and will include Pie, Chips and Peas supper with various Pre-booked options available. Posters for this event are now displayed at all Clubs and Tickets for this event should be obtained through your Club Secretary.


The 2019/20 Indoor Bowling Season has now commenced with the Carlton Street Indoor Centre having opened it’s doors on Monday 2nd September allowing bowlers to take up the chance to practice before the real competition of the leagues start. The full domestic league programme will start week commencing Monday 9th September and the Club team matches will be starting with the Annual Ladies Challenge match away against North Cave on Sunday 22nd September commencing at 1.00pm. The first Lincolnshire County League game will be a Ladies (Trudy Bates) match away against Louth on Wednesday 25th October commencing at 10.30am.

Scunthorpe’s National Team Competitions:


13 Oct.

Egham v Nottingham




19 Oct.

Denny v Nottingham




02 Nov.

Yetton v Doncaster




22 Nov.

Mason v Horncastle or Louth




0ver60 D.R. 'A' v Boston




0ver60 D.R. 'B' v Horncastle





The Scunthorpe Indoor Bowls Club is holding a Free Open Day at it’s Carlton Street Indoor Bowls Centre for anyone who is interested to come along to and try out indoor bowls. Visitors will be able to visit the Centre anytime on SATURDAY 28th SEPTEMBER 2019 between 10.30am to 4.00pm and club members will be on hand to help everyone to enjoy their visit. All visitors will need is a pair of flat soled shoes and the bowls are provided by the club. Children are welcome but must be accompanied by an adult. Coaching will be available to help everyone to enjoy their visit.

The Open Day event will provide the opportunity for people of all ages from children to senior citizens to come and view the facilities at the Indoor Bowls Centre and try the indoor bowls game out. It does not matter if you have not played before and whatever the age, ability and experience the day is for everyone to come and have a go. The Scunthorpe Indoor Bowls Club prides itself in in its friendly and encouraging atmosphere for new bowlers from families to individuals. Indoor Bowls is a great way to make new friends and enhance and enjoy your social time. SO COME ALONG TO THE ‘OPEN DAY’ AND TRY IT OUT.