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SCUNTHORPE WEEKLY BOWLS REPORT for Scunthorpe Telegraph – 06.06.19


Division One – Cemex on 38 points are holding on to the top spot in the Division by just a three points after they collected a total of 8 points from a home match to secure their prime spot in the table. Shadowing the leaders in second place is Epworth with 35 points. They are being followed closely by Shires and Barton Brigg Road lurking in third and fourth places respectively on 34 and 32 points. The importance of the 4 points for the overall shot difference in matches was highlighted in a match that was played between Highfield House at home and visitors Barton Brigg Road. With both teams securing two rink wins each it came down to whichever team claimed the highest shot difference would finish up winning this close fought game. At the end of an extremely close match in which both teams displayed some quality bowls it was the home team that collected the extra 4 points for the overall shot difference by 19 shots overall more than Barton Brigg Road securing a win for Highfield House of 8 to 4 points (89 to 70 shots). Successful rinks for Highfield House were I. Woodhead, D. Kendall, P. Insley 34 to 16 shots, G. Allen, S. Monoghan, W. Wooldridge 27 to 11 and for Barton Brigg Road R. Byford, R. Brown, R. Leaning 21 to 16 shots, M. Scullion, R. Flary, G. Hadden 22 to 12 shots.

Results: Highfield Hse 8 Barton BR 4, Cemex 8 Rose Leisure 4, Epworth 0 Shires 12.


Division Two – Bottesford ‘A’ on 36 points have taken over the top spot in the Division after securing 10 points from a home match whilst Barton Park ‘A’ have crept into second place with 34 points after collecting 10 points from a home game. Third placed Winterton ‘A’ also on 34 points are 2 points adrift of the leaders with Brigg ‘A’ hovering just 2 points behind them in fourth position. A match that was played between the teams of Burton Stather at home and Belton ‘A’ was decided by just 6 shots difference in overall total shots. The match was played out with some competitive bowling form both teams and remained evenly balanced for the whole encounter. However it was the visiting Belton team that in the final stages played the away green confidently securing wins on two rinks along and collecting 4 points for the highest overall shots total collecting a welcomed away victory by 8 to 4 points (73 to 79 shots). Winning rinks for Belton were R. Bell, D. McIntosh, M. Addlesee 34 to 11 shots, F. Wareham, M. Allen, M. Frankland 17 to 13 shots and for Burton Stather K. Cox, B. Roper, M. Gray 26 to 14 shots, S. Brooks, I. Cook, P. Cook 23 to 14 shots.

Results: Kirton Lindsey 10 Cemetery Rd ‘B’ 2, Winterton ‘A’ 10 Kirton Lindsey 2,

             Bottesford ‘A’ 10 Belton ‘A’ 2, Scunthorpe ‘B’ 2 Brigg ‘A’ 10, North Lindsey 10 Winterton ‘A’ 2,

             Burton Stather ‘A’ 4 Belton ‘A’ 8, Scunthorpe ‘B’ 12 North Lindsey 0,

             Barton Pk ‘A’ 10 Burton Stather ‘A’ 2.

Division Three – Belton ‘B’ with 54 points are still leading the pack after having enjoyed the excellent weather this last week by securing a total of 22 points from their last three matches. In second place is Messingham ‘B’ on 48 points followed closely by Cemetery Rd ‘C’ on 37 points in third place. Belton ‘B’ played host to visitors Messingham ‘B’ in a match that resulted in a 8 to 4 points victory to one team. Once again the bonus 4 points for the shot difference played it’s part in the game after each team had won two rinks while one team secured the highest overall number of shots showing the importance the overall shot difference is. In an interesting match in which both teams produced some excellent competitive bowling it was always looked like being a close call. After the final bowl of the game had come to rest it was the home Belton squad that just managed to come out on top. The Belton team secured a resounding two rink wins and secured the valuable 4 points for the highest overall shot difference by a total of 15 shots. The successful rinks for Belton were I. Rawlings, D. Hopkins, B. Treweek 25 to 4 shots, D. McIntosh, L. Turton, T. Allen 27 to 12 shots and for Messingham K. Shaw, S. Newlove, M.Parsons 24 to 12 shots, J. Saunby, R. Belk, G. Clark 25 to 16 shots.                                                                                                                  

Results: Cemetery Rd ‘C’ 12 North Kelsey 0, Messingham ‘B’ 10 Cemetery Rd ‘C’ 2,

             Belton ‘B’ 8 Messingham ‘B’ 4, Epworth ‘B’ 0 Belton ‘B’ 12, Shires ‘B’ 6 Messingham ‘B’ 6,

             Rose Leisure ‘B 10 North Kelsey 2, Appleby Frod 10 Rose Leisure ‘B’2,

             Messingham ‘B’ 10 Belton ‘B’ 2.


Division Four – Railway Sports ‘B’ on 38 points are still leading in this Division just a 4 points clear of nearest rivals Winterton ‘B’ on 34 points in second place with new-comers Barton Park ‘B’ holding onto third place on 26 points. Bottesford ‘B’ played host to Railway Sports ‘C’ in a match that resulted in a 10 to 2 points (86 to 53 shots) victory for the visiting side that played extremely well on the away green. After both teams had produced some quality play and with 33 shots in the overall shots tally coupled with two rink wins and two drawn rinks it was the visiting Railway ‘C’ team that eventually secured the match victory. Successful rinks for Railway ‘C’ were D. Tong, D. Gill, D. Robinson 24 to 12 shots, V. Lowis, C. Read, S. Guilliatt 22 to 11 shots and J. Guilliatt, C. Gregg, B. Jackson (Railway) versus A. Robinson, H. Maud, D. Borrill (Bottesford) 17 shots each and R. Atkinson, K. Covel, A. Watson (Railway) versus K. Tenny, B. Weighell, S. Tenny (Bottesford) 13 shots each.                                                                                              

Results: Bottesford ‘B’ 2 Railway ‘C’ 10, Barton Pk ‘B’ 10 Co-op 2, Burton Stather ‘B’ 2 Railway ‘B’ 10,

             Bottesford ‘B’ 4 Winterton ‘B’ 8, Crowle 0 Winterton ‘B’ 12.


Ladies League – In-form Cemetery Road on 18 points are just holding on to the top spot in the Division only 3 points clear of second placed Burton Stather on 15 points. Bottesford are sitting in third place on 11 points and Messingham are shadowing them in third place 9 points adrift of the leaders. Winterton played at home against Bottesford in an encounter that finished with the overall shot difference all level at 29 shots each. In this competitive battle both teams settled early into an evenly balanced match that continued throughout this interesting battle. As the final ends were completed the result was one rink win to Winterton and one winning rink for Bottesford finishing with both teams drawing at 3 points (29 shots each). The victorious rink for Winterton was F. Margetson, H. Walker, G. Borrill 14 to 11 shots and for Bottesford S. Terry, J. Selby, S. Traves 18 to 15 shots.

Results: Winterton 0 Shires 6, Winterton 3 Bottesford 3, Burton Stather 6 Railway Spts 0.


Division Two – Scunthorpe ‘B’ versus Brigg ‘A’

Scunthorpe ‘B’ played a home match against visitors Brigg ‘A’ on a beautiful summers evening. On a surface that looked to be in good condition resulting from the previous period of dry weather the match commenced with all players careful with the pace initially. After competitively fought match the individual rink results added up to an overall triumph for the visiting Brigg ’A’ team by 10 to 2 points (83 to 63 shots) and a great away result against a home team that had certainly turned up to secure a positive result. The visiting rink of Bob Heath, Eric Gardner and Peter Jaquaes played against a Scunthorpe rink that fought hard throughout the whole encounter. The match commenced with the visiting Brigg three securing an early lead of 8 to 2 shots with some excellent play. By the halfway point in the game both rinks were continuing to play well but it was the visitors that managed to edge further into the lead by 14 to 5 shots. Now producing some match winning bowls the Brigg rink continued to extend their lead in the final ends of the game to eventually secure the victory by 26 to 12 shots. The visiting rink of Ben Ingham, Kevin Clark and Greaves faced a Scunthorpe rink that was determined to provide a thorn in the side of the visiting trio. With an early score-line of 5 to 3 shots to the Brigg rink the match continued to produce some excellent bowls but it was the visitors that increased their advantage to 12 to 4 shots by the halfway stage of the battle had been reached. The home rink tried hard to get back on level terms but the visitors continued to maintain their lead and at the end of this very interesting contest the visiting trio had held on to their lead to eventually secure the victory by 22 to 13 shots. The Brigg rink of Brian Clark, John Tippett and Baz Brader charged out of their starting blocks to take an early lead of 11 to 1 shots and by the midway point in this encounter they had maintained their advantage to 14 to 6 shots. In the second half of this contest the home trio steadily fought back and reduced the visitor’s advantage but could not stop the Brigg rink from eventually running out the victors by 20 to 15 shots. In the final rink match the Scunthorpe trio of Martin Breeton, Roy Hutchinson and Ray Brown faced a Brigg rink that never gave up. This duel got off to an evenly balanced start for the both rinks as they edged into an early 6 shots each score-line but by the time the halfway stage of the encounter had been reached the home Scunthorpe trio had managed to edge their way into the lead by 11 to 8 shots. The home rink started to apply additional pressure to their opponents with some excellent bowls in the latter stages of the match to increase their advantage to 22 to 11 shots with four ends to play in this excellent battle. Now both rinks were playing some competitive bowls and in the final ends it was the home Scunthorpe rink that held on to take a well fought victory by 23 to 15 shots.


At the weekend Shires Bowls Club held a friendly bowls match in memory of one of their longest serving members Keith Marshall who sadly passed away earlier this year. During the afternoon, a fun 21 end game was held that involved 42 bowlers representing most of the Clubs in the Scunthorpe area as well as a number of players from different Clubs in Lincolnshire. Many of the players wore football shirts in memory of Keith’s other love away from bowls his beloved Everton football club. Refreshments were available and a Raffle was held with all proceeds being donated to the Lindsey Lodge Hospice in memory Keith. It was a fitting tribute to an excellent player and one of the most popular bowlers in the Scunthorpe area.


In the Triples League the Peter Collins on team on 10 points is in the top spot in the Indoor Summer Triples League table with Dave Portanier also on 10 points in second place. Third place is currently being held by Alex Mullin on 8 points followed by Len Lammas and Norman Anderson both on 7 points.

The Australian Pairs Division One sees Linda Salmon’s squad on 10 points heading the league table with five wins from six matches closely followed by Joan Bolton in second place on 8 points and Dave Saxby in third spot also on 8 points.

In the Australian Pairs Division Two the Ken Seymour team on 7 points holds the top spot with Ron Cline sitting in second place on 6 points. These two teams are being followed by the teams of Josey Rayner and Norman Anderson both also on 6 points in third and fourth places.