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June 20th 2019

SCUNTHORPE WEEKLY BOWLS REPORT for Scunthorpe Telegraph – 20.06.19


With a large number of matches cancelled due to the excessive wet weather over the full week it has been impossible to find a match that had not been cancelled. Therefore there is no ‘Spotlight match’ in this report this week.

Division One – There is change again at the top of the Division with Cemetery Road on 48 points taking over the lead in the table and they are being shadowed by Shires on 44 points who drop to second place. Holding on to third place is Epworth on 43 points with Cemex stalking them closely on 41 points. The match that took place between home team Cemetery Road and Railway Sports developed into an extremely competitive encounter in which the Cemetery Road team secured wins on three rinks. Then it was down to the valuable overall shot difference that would decide if the match would be drawn or a victory to the home club. The match produced some awesome bowls from both teams with neither team gaining any real significant advantage over one another through most of the duration of the battle. However as the match drew to a close the Cemetery Road team managed to build themselves a shots lead and held on to secure the bonus 4 bonus points for the highest overall shots difference. The final outcome of the encounter after a very intense hard fought battle resulted in the home team collecting 6 points for securing three winning rinks plus the 4 points for the highest shots difference. This resulted in Cemetery Road securing the victory by 10 to 2 points (82 to 49 shots). Successful rinks for Cemetery Road were C. Horne, J. Roe, A. Clark 30 to 9 shots, G. Boden, J. Deboer, V. Deboer 24 to 8 shots, J. Dockrill, A. Horne, G. Teal 16 to 13 shots and for Railway Sports A. Watson, R. Taylor. G. Lamplough 19 to 12 shots.

Results: Barton B R. 0 Cemetery Rd 12, Cemetery Rd 10 Railway Spts 2.

2061  2062A


Division Two – Bottesford ‘A’ on 50 points retain the lead in this Division with Winterton ‘A’ on 46 points sitting in second place and maintaining the pressure on the leaders. Third placed Belton ‘A’ on 39 points have climbed up the table whilst Barton Park ‘A’ on 34 points are down in fourth place. An interesting game took place between the home team Bottesford ‘A’ and Winterton ‘A’ in which each team scored two rink wins each leaving the team that could claim the highest shot difference to secure the bonus 4 points and the overall match victory. After an intriguing close battle and some excellent competitive bowling that had been produced by both teams the match finished with just a single shot difference in the overall total shots. The final result was a welcomed win for the visiting Winterton team by 8 to 4 points (70 to 69 shots). Winning rinks for Winterton were D. Baker, B. Harmer, A. Kerr 21 to 18 shots, J. Clay, R. Williams, J. Spilman 18 to 14 shots and for I. Morrison, J. Dale, S. Petchey 19 to 14 shots G. Matchett, Jean Ashley, John Ashley 18 to 17 shots.

Results: Winterton ‘A’ 4 Cemetery Rd ‘B’ 8, Bottesford ‘A’ 4 Winterton ‘A’ 8,

Belton ‘A’ 9 Scunthorpe ‘B’ 3.

                   2063A    2064A

Division Three – Messingham ‘B’ on 57 points move into the top spot of the Division and are currently maintaining a gap of just 3 points over second placed Belton ‘B’ on 54 points. Beneath them Appleby Frodingham on 40 points have climbed into third spot followed by Brigg ‘B’ on 38 points who are in fourth place having collected a total of 10 points from their last match. Another close match took place in this Division between home team Scotter ‘B’ and visitors Appleby Frodingham with only the total shots difference determining the overall result. After a match in which both teams produced some exceptional play throughout the whole of the game only 3 shots overall separated the winners from the losers. The scores across all four rinks in this game were 4 points (two rink wins) for each team with highest overall shots difference going to the visiting Appleby Frodingham team giving them the win by 8 to 4 points (76 to 73 shots). Successful rinks for Appleby Frodingham were H. Adlard, K. Marland, T. Glover 30 to 7 shots, S. Arrand, C. Brown, K. Allen 25 to 14 shots and for Scotter ‘B’ D. Copley, L. Savage, R. Shucksmith 32 to 7 shots, P. Taylor, S. Fellows, T. Halmshaw 20 to 14 shots.

Results: Epworth ‘B’ 3 Messingham ‘B’ 9, Rose Leisure ‘B’ 0 Shires ‘B’ 12, Scotter ‘B’ 4 Appleby Frod, 8,

Brigg ‘B’ 10 Rose Leisure ‘B’ 2, Co-op 8 Brigg ‘C’ 4, Winterton ‘B’ 2 Railway Spts ‘B’ 10.


2065A     2066A

Division Four – There is no change at the top of this Division with Railway Spts ‘B’ residing in the top spot on 58 points after collecting a total of 10 points from their last match. They are followed by second placed Winterton ‘B’ on 46 points with Burton Stather ‘B’ in third place on 35 points. An encounter between the home team Co-op and visitors Brigg ‘C’ produced a finish in which the result was determined by the total shots overall. The match involved a display of very competitive play from both teams in which they matched one another in an evenly balanced battle throughout the duration of the match. Remarkably each team secured two winning rinks making this encounter a close battle. However there was still the question of the 4 bonus points for the highest overall shots difference that went right down to the wire. Even though the visiting Brigg team fought hard it was the home Co-op team that secured the bonus 4 points by a total of 17 shots for the highest overall shots difference resulting in a win for the Co-op ‘A’ team by 8 to 4 points (75 to 58 shots). Victorious rinks for Co-op were R. Welsh, C. Dee, E. Marsh 30 to 10 shots, M. Eyers, A. Revell, T. Brown 18 to 12 shots and for Brigg ‘C’ M. Berry, D. Bacon, D. Yates 18 to 13 shots, M. Doherty, K. Gardner, K. Clark 18 to 14 shots.

Results: Winterton ‘B’ 2 Railway Spts ‘B’ 10, Co-op 8 Brigg ‘C’ 4.

Ladies Division – With no results sheets received this last week in this Division Cemetery Road on 24 points are still planted firmly at the head of the table with Burton Stather in second spot 7 points behind the leaders on 17 points. Scunthorpe claim third place on 14 points followed closely by Bottesford on 11 points.


The Eland Trophy Round Two is as follows:

Shires v Co-op, Barton Brigg Road v Burton Stather, Railway Sports v Appleby Frodingham,

North Lindsey v Messingham, Cemex v Scunthorpe, Epworth v Cemetery Road,

Sheffield Park v Bottesford, Highfield v Scotter.

Round Two is to be played on Thursday 20th June 2019.