June 13th 2019


SCUNTHORPE WEEKLY BOWLS REPORT for Scunthorpe Telegraph – 13.06.19


Division One – Only a single point separates the top two teams in this Division with Shires maintaining the lead in the table with 44 points. In second place is Epworth on 43 points with Cemex having dropped down to third spot on 41 points followed by Barton Brigg Road currently in fourth place on 32 points. The importance of the 4 points for the overall shot difference in matches was highlighted in a match that was played between Epworth at home and visitors Scotter. With both teams securing two rink wins each it came down to whichever team claimed the highest shot difference would finish up winning this close fought game. At the end of an extremely close match in which both teams displayed some quality bowls it was the home team that collected the extra 4 points for the overall shot difference by 19 shots overall more than Scotter securing a win for Epworth of 8 to 4 points (80 to 66 shots). Successful rinks for Epworth were M. Husband, E. Jewison, D. Birks 30 to 8 shots, P. Evans, J. Watchorn 23 to 12 shots and for Scotter F. Parkin, D. Doughty, D. Copley 24 to 10 shots, R. Shucksmith, T. Halmshaw, K. Clark 22 to 17 shots.

Results: Epworth 8 Scotter 4, Scotter 2 Shires 10, Messingham 9 Cemex 3.

Division Two – After collecting 10 points from their last home match Bottesford ‘A’ hold on to the top spot on 46 points followed by Barton Park ‘B’ on 34 points who have settled into second place. Winterton ‘A’ stay in third place also with 34 points closely followed by Brigg ‘A’ on 32 points. A match that was played between the teams of Bottesford ‘A’ at home and Scunthorpe ‘B’ developed into an extremely competitive battle. However it was the home team that in the final stages played their own green confidently securing wins on three rinks along and collecting 4 points for the highest overall shots total resulting in a welcomed victory by 10 to 2 points (94 to 56 shots). Winning rinks for Bottesford were J. Aird, M. Palmer, D. Borrill 29 to 8 shots, M. Medhurst, C. Robinson, B. Gunnis 26 to 10 shots, J. Ashley, D. Robinson, S. Traves 21 to 16 shots and for Scunthorpe P. Ransom, R. Brown, M. Dargue 22 to 18 shots.

Results: Bottesford ‘A’ 10 Scunthorpe ‘B’ 2

D ivision Three – Settled into first place in the Division is Belton ‘B’ on 54 points with Messingham ‘B’ trailing the leaders on 48 points in second place. Cemetery Road ‘C’ are on 37 points and maintaining third place and are being shadowed by Rose Leisure ‘B’ on 32 points in fourth spot. Barnetby played host to visitors Epworth ‘B’ in a match that resulted in a 8 to 4 points victory to one team. Once again the bonus 4 points for the shot difference played it’s part in the game after each team had won two rinks while one team secured the highest overall number of shots showing the importance the overall shot difference is. In an interesting match in which both teams produced some excellent competitive bowling it was always looked like being a close call. After the final bowl of the game had come to rest it was the home Barnetby squad that managed to come out on top. The Barnetby team secured a resounding two rink wins and secured the valuable 4 points for the highest overall shot difference by a total of 21 shots. The successful rinks for Barnetby were M. Bartley, E. Marshall, J. Bartley 29 to 11 shots, T. Roberts, S. Huck, R. Stringfellow 23 to 8 shots and for Epworth J. Watchorn, F. Husband, D. Birks 19 to 12 shots, D. Leachman, E. Fry, M. Husband 21 to 16 shots.






Results: Barnetby 8 Epworth ‘B’ 4, Scotter ‘B’ 2 North Kelsey 10.

Division Four – There is very little change at the top with Railway Spts ‘B’ on 48 points followed by Winterton ‘B’ on 44 points in second place. Third spot is occupied by Burton Stather ‘B’ on 35 points with Railway Spts ‘C’ on a total of 34 points settling into fourth place. Railway Sports ‘C’ played host to Crowle in a match that resulted in a 8 to 4 points (76 to 73 shots) victory for the home side that played extremely well on their own green. After both teams had produced some quality play and with only 3 shots in the overall shots tally coupled with two rink wins for each team it was the home Railway ‘C’ team that eventually secured the match victory. Successful rinks for Railway Sports ‘C’ were K. Wakefield, C.Gregg, S. Gulliatt 26 to 14 shots, V. Lowis, D. Tong, C. Read 26 to 15 shots and for Crowle P. Aldam, L. Blackwell, N. Aldam 22 to 13 shots, J. Cleary, S. Smurthwaite, P. Brazzier 22 to 13 shots.

Results: Railway Spts ‘C’ 8 Crowle 4, Brigg ‘B’ 10 Sheffield Pk 2, Railway Spts ‘C’ 2 Railway Spts ‘B’ 10,

Co-op 8 Railway Spts ‘C’ 4, Winterton ‘B’ 10 Barton Pk ‘B’2, Sheffield Pk 0 Burton Stather ‘B’ 12.

Ladies Division – Cemetery Road on 24 points remain in the top spot in this Division while Burton Stather on 17 points are still in second place. Scunthorpe are on 14 points in third place while Bottesford drop to fourth place on 11 points. Scunthorpe played at home against Winterton in an encounter that finished with the overall shot difference of 13 shots. In this competitive battle both teams settled early into an evenly balanced match that continued throughout this interesting match. As the final ends were completed the result was one rink win to Scunthorpe and one winning rink for Winterton finishing with the bonus 2 points for the overall shots difference going to Scunthorpe. The victorious rink for Scunthorpe was H. Braithwaite, M. Walls, S. Brunton 28 to 9 shots and for Winterton S. Clarvis, G. Borrill, J. Spilman 16 to 10 shots.

Results: Cemetery Rd 6 Railway Spts 0, Scunthorpe 4 Winterton 2, Messingham 1 Shires 5,

Burton Stather 2 Scunthorpe 4

SPOTLIGHT ON.... Division Three – Scotter ‘B’ versus North Kelsey.



O n a pleasant warm summer evening Scotter ‘B’ faced a home match against a visiting North Kelsey team. As the game commenced the Scotter rink of Peter Taylor, Steve Fellows and Trish Halmshaw steadily emerged from their starting blocks and found themselves leading their home opponents by an early score-line of 8 to 3 shots. As the game continued the visiting North Kelsey trio steadily upped their form and were unable to make any significant impact on the scores as the home rink increased their lead to 13 to 5 shots as the halfway stage of the match was reached. As the encounter moved into the second half the Scotter rink maintained their form and as the game moved into the final three ends the home rink continued powering their way to a victory by a comfortable 22 to 13 shots. The North Kelsey rink of Anne Raeburn, Mike Duke and Herbert Whitelaw found themselves trailing their Scotter opponents by 6 to 1 shots Steve Fellows (Scotter) early in the match. However with emphatic determination the visiting North Kelsey trio battled on and eventually managed to edge back and draw themselves level at 10 shots each themselves level as this duel reached the halfway stage of this interesting encounter. Maintaining their foot on the accelerator the North Kelsey rink were now applying considerable pressure to their opponents took the lead by 15 to 13 shots. With just four ends left to play this battle the continued with some confident and dominating play from the visiting Kelsey trio as they increased their advantage and held on to secure the rink win with a score of 28 to 15 shots. The visiting trio of Adrian Broome, David Thomas and Chris Dodsworth Charles Torrisi (Scotter)



charged out of their starting blocks and found themselves leading their home opponents early in their match by 6 to 1 shots. The home trio continued to fight hard producing some competitive bowls and were able to draw level with the visiting North Kelsey rink at 11 shots by the mid-point stage of the game was reached. This duel continued with the both rinks still producing some excellent bowls and in these final ends of this intense battle it was the North Kelsey rink that dramatically won the final three ends to secure the victory by a comfortable 22 to 14 shots. The North Kelsey rink of Kate Dodsworth, John White and Mike Watkins found themselves in the early stages of their match drawing at 6 shots each. Looking in great form on the day the visitors managed to edge into a lead of 20 to 14 shots by the three quarter stage in the game was reached and they continued to increase their lead to 25 to 16 shots and they were now starting to look comfortably in control. The final three ends produced some great bowling from both rinks but it was the visiting North Kelsey trio remained calm winning each of the remaining ends and securing the win by a comfortable 32 to 16 shots in what had been an interesting encounter. After the final ends on all the four rinks had been completed the overall result was a victory for the visiting North Kelsey team by 10 to 2 points (95 to 67 shots).


S hires Bowls Club held a friendly bowls match in memory of one of their longest serving members Keith Marshall who sadly passed away earlier this year. During the afternoon, a fun 21 end game was held that





involved 42 bowlers representing most of the Clubs in the Scunthorpe area as well as a number of players from different Clubs in Lincolnshire. Many of the players wore football shirts in memory of Keith’s other love away from bowls his beloved Everton football club. Refreshments were available and a Raffle was held with all proceeds a total of £634.11p being was a fitting tribute to an excellent player and one of the most popular bowlers in the Scunthorpe area. The Shires Club wishes to thank all friends and members of the Shires Club and other Clubs that gave their time, gifts and support to this event.


Shield Results Round One

Scunthorpe 48 Messingham 46, Shires 55 Brigg 41, Bottesford 54 North Lindsey 43

Round Two

Rose Leisure 44 Bottesford 40

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