SCUNTHORPE WEEKLY BOWLS REPORT for Scunthorpe Telegraph – 04.07.19



Division One – Cemetery Road on 81 points have gone back to the top of the Division ahead of second placed Shires on 80 points who are being followed by Cemex in third place with 53 points but with two games in-hand over the two leaders. Epworth are sitting quietly in fourth spot on 46 points and they in turn are being shadowed by Rose Leisure on 38 points in fifth place. An interesting match took place when the home team of Shires met Cemetery Rd in an encounter that turned into a very competitive battle throughout. After a very hard fought match in which both teams played well this meeting finished with the visiting home squad securing three winning rinks and the highest overall shot difference by just 5 shots giving them the overall victory in the match by 10 to 2 points (75 to 70 shots). Victorious rinks for Shires were A. Willey, J. Staples, A. Bennett 21 to 15 shots, R. Morrell, N. Rowe, D. Skelton 22 to 19 shots, W. Guilliatt, R. Markham, J. Markham 20 to 18 shots and for Cemetery Rd  C. Smith, M. Regan, G. Teal 18 to 12 shots.

Results: Cemetery Rd 10 Rose Leisure 2, Epworth 3 Highfield Hse 9, Shires 10 Cemetery Rd 2, 

              Cemetery Rd 12 Highfield Hse 0.

Division Two – Belton ‘A’ on 66 points have jumped into the top spot of this Division just 6 points clear of Bottesford ‘A’ on 60 points who have dropped into second place with Winterton ‘A’ on 57 points in third place. Top of the table Belton ‘A’ were in scintillating form when they played at home in a match against Kirton Lindsey that finished with 10 shots overall determining the result. With both teams securing wins on two rinks each it then came down to the bonus 4 points for the overall shot difference that helped the home Belton team to secure the overall victory for the team by 8 to 4 points (82 to 72 shots). Successful rinks for Belton were R. Bell, G. Snowden, L. Turton 32 to 9 shots, P.Abbott, F. Wareham, M. Frankland 26 to 14 shots and for Kirton Lindsey B. Sims, J. Escreet, B. Sims 27 to 7 shots, J. Wardle, D. Portanier, A. Wardle 20 to 17 shots.

Results: Cemetery Rd ‘B’ 9 Scunthorpe ‘B’ 3, .Belton ‘A’ 10 Brigg ‘A’ 2, Winterton ‘A’ 11 Scunthorpe ‘B’ 1,

             Belton ‘A’ 8 Kirton Lindsey 4, Nth Lindsey 4 Cemetery Rd ‘B’ 8, 

             Scunthorpe ‘B’ 12 Kirton Lindsey 0, Cemetery Rd ‘B’ 12 Barton Pk ‘A’ 0, 

             Barton Pk ‘A’ 2 Bottesford ‘A’ 10.


Division Three – There is very little change at the top of the table with Messingham ‘B’ on 71 points leading the pack followed by Belton ‘B’ on 66 points in second spot and Brigg ‘B’ on 58 points in third place having climbed from fifth place and still keeping up the pressure on the leaders. An excellent away result came from a match between the home team of North Kelsey and visitors Shires ‘B’. In an evenly balanced performance by both teams and the scores fluctuating from one team to the other as match was played out both teams managed to win two rinks each. Then of course it came down to the team that scored the most total shots overall and this remarkably finished up with the visiting Shires ‘B’ team scoring a total of 72 shots to the home squads 69 shots to collect the bonus 4 points for the highest overall shot difference. The final result was a victory to the Shires ‘B’ team by 8 to 4 points (72 to 69 shots). Winning rinks for Shires ‘B’ were M. Wilkinson, M. Jaques, R. Wilkinson 27 to 13 shots, P. Wilkinson, J. Davison, J. Duffield 17 to 4 shots and for North Kelsey V. Holland, D. Thomas, C. Dodsworth 25 to 13 shots, K. Dodsworth, J. Holland, M. Watkins 17 to 15 shots.

Results: Scotter ‘B’ 1 Epworth ‘B’ 11, Epworth ‘B’ 3 Brigg ‘B’ 9, Belton ‘B’ 12 Rose Leisure ‘B’ 0,   

              Barnetby 2 Scotter ‘B’ 10, Brigg ‘B’ 2 Messingham ‘B’ 10, North Kelsey 4 Shires ‘B’ 8.


Division Four – At the top of this Division table is Railway Sports ‘B’ on 88 points steaming away from second placed Railway Sports ‘C’ on 52 points. Burton Stather ‘B’ on 51 points have climbed into third place while Winterton ‘B’ are on 48 points in fourth spot. A competitive and extremely close duel between fourth in the table Barton Park ‘B’ and Burton Stather ‘B’ resulted in a victory by just a single shot for the visiting team of Burton Stather by 8 to 4 points (77 to 76 shots). In this game both teams played extremely well and secured two rink wins each with the overall shot difference again ultimately deciding the result. Winning trios for Burton Stather were K. Cox, K. Farley, M.Gray 33 to 6 shots, D. Charlesworth, {. Cox, D. Taylor 21 to 18 shots and for Barton Park ‘B’ S. Joblin, K. Lowe, B. Clayton 25 to 10 shots, R. Lamming, S. Clapson, K. Bell 27 to 13 shots.

Results: Sheffield Pk 4 Barton Pk ‘B’ 8, Barton Pk ‘B’ 4 Burton Stather ‘B’ 8, Crowle 2 Railway Spts ‘B’ 8,

Brigg ‘C’ 8 Burton Stather’B’ 4, Bottesford ‘B’ 4 Brigg ‘C’ 8, Crowle 6 Sheffield Pk 6.

Ladies Division – Cemetery Road on 24 points remain in the top spot in the division and are followed by Scunthorpe on 22 points after having collected a total of 8 points from their last two matches. Scunthorpe are just 5 points ahead of third placed Burton Stather on 17 points who are just 2 points clear of Bottesford on 15 points in fourth place. An interesting clash took place when Bottesford visited Messingham in a battle that finished with an excellent result in which one team secured the victory by a the overall shot difference of a single shot. After an extremely competitive duel in which both teams played well they both managed to secure a winning rink each. So it was down to the wire as this match was eventually determined by an overall shot difference of 1 shot to the home Messingham team. This resulted in the Messingham team acquiring an excellent victory by 4 to 2 points (26 to 25 shots). The winning rink for Messingham was J.Saumby, M.Swift, K. Shaw 19 to 9 shots and for Bottesford J. Ashfield, J. Selby, C.Robinson 16 to 7 shots.

Results: Bottesford 2 Scunthorpe 4, Messingham 4 Bottesford 2, Scunthorpe 4 Railway Spts 2.

SPOTLIGHT ON.... Scotter Bowls Club – 50th Anniversary.

This last weekend members of Scotter B.C. held an event at the Club to celebrate reaching this major milestone of 50 years in existence. The event was attended by approximately 60 past and present members who enjoyed a social bowls tournament followed by an excellent buffet. During this celebratory afternoon a special birthday cake was cut by the current Club President Mrs Paddy Robinson the daughter of the late Mr & Mrs Sizer the original Club Presidents whose extensive gardens the Club where the Club started.


471a    472a

Scotter Bowls Club originated at a public meeting which took place at the White Swan Inn, Scotter on 25th March, 1969 following a generous offer made by a Scotter family, the late Mr. and Mrs. G. F. Sizer to the Scotter War Memorial Playing Field Committee. This offer was for the loan of two existing bowling green and pavilion situated within their private garden adjacent to St. Peter’s Church in Scotter . The result was that a small bowls sub-committee was formed with Mr and Mrs Sizer adopted as it’s Presidents.



473a  474a

The bowling greens (2 four rink greens with one elevated above the other) were overlooked by St. Peter’s Church giving the Club, without doubt, one of the most picturesque bowling greens anywhere in the country. In 1970 the Club was admitted to the Scunthorpe and District Schweppes Bowling League (currently the Scunthorpe & District Bowls League). Since then the Club has seen it’s players play at all levels of the sport. Club’s members have commanded regular positions in both the Lincolnshire Bowling Association and Federation County teams, as well as qualifying as individuals in the National Finals at Worthing (English Bowling Association) and Skegness (English Bowling Federation). Success has also been achieved by the Club teams both in League and Team Competitions. The Club is also proud to have provided both Lincolnshire County Ladies and Gents Bowls Association with Past Presidents.

The Club moved from it’s original location to it’s present green at the Scotter Playing Field in 1990.


475a  476a

The official opening of the new venue took place on 29th June, 1991 and was performed by Graham Taylor, then the England Football Association Team Manager. His long association with Scotter and the Sizer family was the main reason for him accepting the invitation to make this day in the Club’s history such a memorable one. The Club has, and always will, try to promote the game of bowls in such a way that everyone from the beginner to the highly competitive player can fully enjoy the game within this social Club environment. Scotter Bowls Club strives to be a progressive Club and endeavours to provide the best facilities for bowling possible and will continue to develop and improve it’s current facilities, it’s friendly atmosphere and it will continue to perform an active role within the local community of Scotter for many years to come.


Belton Bowls Club completed at the weekend their most successful Gala Day event. Twenty six teams of 3 players per team battled it out over 4 x 7 end matches to win the Tournament. The winning team led by Chris Blackwell from Haxey Bowls Club won all four of their matches. The team from Kirton Lindsey led by David Portanier were a close second.

On the afternoon of the 5th July the Belton club are looking forward to hosting the visit of a touring team from Rugby. This is a first for the Belton club and part of an overall improvement programme to raise the profile of the club in an attempt to attract new members and provide a variety of experience for their existing members. The touring team will compete against a Belton 24 person team with 6 rinks of 4 players.

With everyone at the Belton club very enthusiastic about the prospect of playing these visitors the members can be sure of a good competitive and memorable afternoon weather permitting.

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