SCUNTHORPE WEEKLY BOWLS REPORT for Scunthorpe Telegraph – 25.07.19


Division One – A total of 11 points is the advantage at the top of the table that the leaders Shires on a total of 108 points have over second placed Cemetery Road on 97 points who are themselves being followed by third placed Cemex on 87 points. In fourth place sits Scunthorpe on 73 points followed by Barton Brigg Road on 70 points in fifth place. Scunthorpe faced a home encounter against visitors Messingham in a match in which the result was determined by the overall shot difference of 29 shots. With both teams securing two rink wins each it came down to the bonus 4 points allocated to the team with the highest overall shot difference that decided the overall result. The final result after an extremely competitive match that involved some excellent bowling was a victory to the in-form Scunthorpe team by 8 to 4 points (86 to 57 shots). The successful rinks for Scunthorpe were S. Todd, T. Smalley, P. Collins 27 to 8 shots, R. Hindmarsh, D. Thompson, S. Blakey 25 to 9 shots and for Messingham R. Belk, G. Clarke, K. Shaw 21 to 17 shots, R. Ayre, I. Robinson, D. Saxby 19 to 17 shots.

Results: Railway Spts 12 Highfield Hse 0, Shires 10 Cemex 2, Barton BR 8 Scotter 4, Scunthorpe 10 Barton BR 2,

Epworth 10 Rose Leisure 2, Scotter 8 Scunthorpe 4, Scunthorpe 8 Messingham 4, Cemex 11 Epworth 1.

Division Two – It’s still Bottesford ‘A’ that remain in the top spot on 97 points followed by second placed Belton ‘A’ on 96 points who have a gap of 13 points between them and Cemetery Road ‘B’ on 83 points who remain in third place. Winterton ‘A’ have dropped from third to fourth place on 82 points followed by Barton Park ‘A’ on 67 points in fifth place. A match between Burton Stather ‘A’ and visitors Bottesford ‘A’ produced a win for the home team by 20 shots overall at the end of the game. Two rinks wins for each team brought this match down to being decided by the bonus four points for the highest overall shots difference. After an excellent match in which both teams played some very competitive bowls it was the home Burton Stather team that scored 20 more shots overall the four rinks securing the match win for the visitors by 8 to 4 points (86 to 66 shots). Winning rinks for Burton Stather were B. Roper, B. Dawson, P. Dawson 35 to 7 shots, K. Cox, S. Brooks, T. Coulson 21 to 20 shots and for Bottesford J. Aird, D. Borrill, M. Palmer 20 to 14 shots, M. Medhurst, G. Matchett, C. Robinson 19 to 16 shots.

Results: Belton ‘A’ 2 Burton Stather A 10, Belton ‘A’ 10 North Lindsey 2, Brigg ‘A’ 10 Barton Pk ‘A’ 2,

Brigg ‘A’ 2 Cemetery Rd ‘B’ 10, Scunthorpe ‘B’ 3 Bottesford ‘A’ 9, Barton Pk ‘A’ 12 North Lindsey 0,

Kirton Lindsey 12 Winterton ‘A’ 0, Burton Stather ‘A’ 8 Bottesford ‘A’ 4,

Burton Stather ‘A’ 10 North Lindsey 2, Scunthorpe ‘B’ 4 Cemetery Rd ‘B’ 8,

Winterton ‘A’ 12 Barton Pk ‘A’ 0 .

Division Three – In Division Three Belton ‘B’ hold on to first place with 94 points closely followed by Shires ‘B’ on 86 points after securing a total of 30 points from three recent matches. Messingham ‘B’ hold on to third position with 85 points and are followed by North Kelsey on 82 points who remain in fourth spot. Home team Appleby Frodingham faced a competitive North Kelsey team in a game that proved to be a very evenly balanced encounter for most of the game. After a match in which each team produced a display of quality bowling they both managed to secure victories on two rinks each leaving the overall match result to be decided by the team that could score the most overall total shots. The North Kelsey team managed to collect the extra 4 points for scoring a total of just 2 shots more than the home Appleby Frodingham team after an excellent show of tenacity displayed by both teams. Victorious rinks for North Kelsey were K. Dodsworth, M. Gray, C. Watkins 31 to 14 shots, M. Jefferson, J. Holland, C. Dodsworth 20 to 10 shots and for Appleby Frodingham S. Arrand, G. Brooks, K. Allen 25 to 12 shots, K. Fieber, M. Walker, Mo Walker 22 to 10 shots.

Results: Appleby Frod 4 Nth Kelsey 8, Epworth ‘B’ 10 Scotter ‘B’ 2, Brigg ‘B’ 2 Shires ‘B’ 10,

Brigg ‘B’ 3 Belton ‘B’ 9, Shires ‘B’ 8 Barnetby 4, Shires ‘B’ 12 Epworth ‘B’ 0,

Barnetby 2 Messingham ‘B’ 10, Cemetery Rd ‘C’ 12 Epworth ‘B’ 0,

Belton ‘B’ 8 Appleby Frod 4, Barnetby 2 Brigg ‘B’ 10, North Kelsey 0 Scotter ‘B’ 12.

Division Four – Railway Sports ‘B’ on 117 points remain in the lead in the table with Railway Sports ‘C’ on 71 points still in second place whilst Burton Stather ‘B’ on 68 points have moved into third position. Fourth place in table is occupied by Co-op also on 68 points after securing a great victory at home against leaders Railway Sports ‘B’ by 9 to 3 points. One of the results received this last week in this division was a game between home team Burton Stather ‘B’ and Co-op that turned out to be a close fought match that ended with only 8 shots in a close result. In this exceedingly well fought game the visiting team of Co-op played the Burton green well and matched the home team bowl for bowl. After very competitive performance from both teams the final result was once again determined by the overall highest overall number of shots. This evenly balanced battle throughout the whole of the encounter resulted in both teams winning two rinks each. However the home Burton Stather side collected the bonus 4 points for the highest overall shot difference of just 8 shots securing a victory by 8 to 4 points (73 to 65 shots). The winning combinations for Burton Stather ‘B’ were M. Taylor, T. Brown, M. Richardson 28 to 10 shots, G. Overington, B. Johnston, B. Meldrum 21 to 15 shots and for Co-op M. Eyers, A. Revell, T. Brown20 to 10 shots, D. Charlesworth, M. Hammond, A. Jennison 20 to 14 shots.

Results: Co-op ‘A’ 9 Railway Spts ‘B’ 3, Burton Stather ‘B’ 8 C-op ‘A’ 4.

Ladies Division – Scunthorpe ladies on 44 points have climbed into the top spot of the table with an 8 point advantage over the second placed team of Cemetery Road on 36 points. Burton Stather stay in third place on 22 points. An interesting clash took place when first placed Scunthorpe visited Messingham in a battle that finished with an excellent result in which one team secured the victory by the overall shot difference. After an extremely competitive duel in which both teams played well they both managed to secure a winning rink each. So it was down to the wire as this match was eventually determined by an overall shot difference of 6 shots to the home Scunthorpe team. This resulted in the Scunthorpe team acquiring an excellent victory by 6 to 0 points (34 to 24 shots). The winning rinks for Scunthorpe were D. Byers, J. Todd, M. Dargue 17 to 9 shots and M. Braithwaite, C. Wiiliams, S. Brumby 17 to 15 shots.

Results: Messingham 0 Scunthorpe 6, Scunthorpe 6 Burton Stather 0.

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SPOTLIGHT ON.... Division Three – NORTH KELSEY versus SCOTTER ‘B'.

On an outstandingly beautiful sunny evening it was on the road for Scotter ‘B’ when they made a visit to play against North Kelsey. The match started with the Scotter rink of Keith Clark, Sues Smith, Ted Mell settling straight into their task by developing themselves an early lead of 5 to 2 shots. They continued in this vein with some excellent play by increasing their advantage over their home North Kelsey opponents to 12 to 6 shots by the mid-point in the game had been reached.


2573A   2574A

They continued to maintain this advantage with some consistently accurate play and as the game progressed on through the second half the home team maintained control of the match throughout the remaining ends to finish winning their rink by a comfortable 26 to 9 shots. The Scotter combination of Roy Edwards, J. Parman, T. Stone soon found themselves leading their home opponents by 11 to 1 shots and looking as though they were in great form. However the home Kelsey rink continued to fight hard but sadly they were unable to make any real impact on their visiting opponents that retained their lead with a score of 11 to 10 shots as the mid-point of the game was reached. The Scotter rink continued to maintain their form in the second half and as the encounter drew to a conclusion it was the Scotter trio that increased the pressure on their opponents to eventually run out the victors by 25 to 12 shots. For Scotter the rink of Jackie Clark, Les Savage and Ron Shucksmith immediately settled into their match and soon found themselves in an evenly balanced match with an early score-line of 3 shots each. As the match moved on the home North Kelsey rink delivered some awesome bowls to take the lead by 6 to 4 shots as the halfway stage of the match was reached. As the battle moved into the second half the rinks remained evenly balanced but as they moved on into the final ends the Scotter rink scored a total of 8 shots to their opponents 0 shots over the final three ends to take the victory by 20 to 14 shots. The final rink for Scotter of Pete Taylor, Steve Fellows and Trish Halmshaw soon found themselves trailing their North Kelsey opponents early in their match by 4 to 2 shots. However the Scotter rink were playing some quality bowls and they soon managed to take the lead and by the mid-point of the game had secured a lead of 10 to 5 shots. Still the battle went on as the home trio fought hard to try to reduce the visitors lead but unfortunately they were unable to significantly close the deficit down no matter how hard they tried.


2575A  2576A

Scoring a total of 4 shots over the final three ends to the home rink’s single shot it was the visiting Scotter rink that fought hard in this battle of attrition to take the victory by 20 to 14 shots. After collation of all of these individual rink results the overall outcome was a solid victory by 12 to 0 points (90 to 52 shots) and four winning rinks for this experienced Scotter team.


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