SCUNTHORPE WEEKLY BOWLS REPORT for Scunthorpe Telegraph – 18.07.19



Division One – It’s all change at the top with Shires on 98 points heading the table with a lead of just one point over Cemetery Road who are maintaining their charge in second place on 97 points. Cemex on 74 points remain in third position with Barton Brigg Road on 60 points holding on to fourth position followed by Epworth still in fifth place on 54 points. Railway Sports secured a welcomed 9 point result last week when they visited Scunthorpe in a match that they hoped would help them maintain their fight for a top half of the table position. The game unfortunately did not boost the confidence of the home team as although they played extremely well they were unable to secure the win. The visiting Railway team turned the away green into a distinct advantage and produced some outstanding bowling to seal the match victory by 9 to 3 points (75 to 72 shots). Successful rinks for Railway Sports were A. Watson, T. Pollard, G. Lamplough 21 to 17 shots, Mercer, R. Taylor, L. Duff 24 to 23 shots and for Scunthorpe M. Braithwaite, S. Grimbleby, M. Dargue 16 to 14 shots and C. Read, D. Horton, K. Ellis versus C. Boulton, R. Kelly, P. Boulton 16 shots each.

Results: Barton BR 10 Cemex 2, Cemetery Rd 4 Shires 8, Railway Spts 11 Messingham 1,

Highfield Hse 2 Scotter 10, Scunthorpe 3 Railway Spts 9, Scotter 0 Cemetery Rd 12.

Division Two – Bottesford ‘A’ on 84 points have moved into the lead in this Division over second placed Belton ‘A’ also on 84 points. Winterton ‘A’ have slipped down into third place on 70 points at the expense of Cemetery Road ‘B’ on 65 points with Scunthorpe ‘B’ in fifth place on 58 points. The encounter between Winterton ‘A’ at home and visitors Belton ‘A’ produced a game that turned into an extremely interesting finish with the both teams securing two rink wins each so whichever team secured the highest overall number of shots would take the victory. After a competitively fought contest throughout this intriguing game both teams produced some excellent bowls but it was the visiting Belton team that finished with an overall total difference of a single shot over the four rinks securing a victory of 8 to 4 points (70 to 69 shots). Successful rinks for Belton ‘A’ were F. Wareham, C. Trinder, M. Hopkins 21 to 16 shots, A. Wareham, P. Rowan, M. Allen 20 to 19 shots and for Winterton ‘A’ J. Clay, R. Williams, J. Spilman 18 to 14 shots and M. McBride, C. Cooper, P. Clay 16 to 15 shots.

Results: Cemetery Rd ‘B’ 10 Belton ‘A’ 2, Bottesford ‘A’ 12 Nth Lindsey 0, Kirton Lindsey 8 Barton Pk ‘A’ 4,

Nth Lindsey 1 Scunthorpe ‘B’ 11, Winterton ‘A’ 4 Belton ‘A’ 8 .

Division Three – Only a 2 points lead separates the top two teams in the table with Belton ‘B’ taking over the top spot on 77 points and Messingham ‘B’ slipping in second place on 75 points. North Kelsey on 74 points stay in third position followed by Brigg ‘B’ who remain in the fourth place on 66 points. North Kelsey played a home game against Belton ‘B’ in a match that turned out to be a very competitive battle between these two teams. With both teams playing some awesome bowls throughout this well fought game these two teams really meant to secure a positive result. As the match came to an end it was the North Kelsey team that secured three rink wins and claimed the highest overall shot difference by 9 shots difference. This resulted in an excellent home victory for the North Kelsey team by 10 to 2 points (75 to 66 shots).

Victorious rinks for North Kelsey were K. Dodsworth, J. Holland, M. Watkins 23 to 13 shots, A. Raeburn, M. Gray, C. Watkins 19 to 17 shots, V. Holland, M. Duke, H. Whitelam 19 to 18 shots and for Belton ‘B’ B. Stone, C. Tate, M. Allen 18 to 14 shots.

Results: Shires ‘B’ 0 Nth Kelsey 12, Nth Kelsey 10 Belton ‘B’ 2, Brigg ‘B’ 8 Appleby Frod 4.

Division Four – Railway Sports ‘B’ on 114 points take over at the top of this Division and have now opened up a gap of a massive 43 points over Railway Sports ‘C’ on 71 points in second spot. Crowle are still in third place on 67 points waiting for any mistakes by the leading two Clubs. Fourth placed Winterton ‘B’ on 64 points remain in the chasing pack and continue to apply pressure to the teams above them. Crowle hosted a visiting Barton Park ‘B’ in what turned out to be an extremely evenly balanced encounter. After a very competitive battle that included some excellent bowling from both teams the match finished with the home Crowle team securing two rinks wins and a drawn one whilst the visiting Barton Park team won one rink and drew another. The Crowle squad scored a total of five points and also the bonus four points for the overall highest total shots resulting in them taking the match victory by 9 to 3 points (75 to 74 shots). Winning rinks for Crowle were J. Barton, L. Sitch, S. Smurthwaite 20 to 9 shots, H. Smurthwaite, M. Purslow, V. Blackwell 22 to 19 shots and for Barton Park ‘B’ S. Jobling, P. Binnington, D. Woolass 23 to 10 shots and C. Barton, John Cleary and Jenny Cleary (Crowle) versus M. Armstrong, S. Clapson, B. Clayton 23 shots each.

Results: Crowle 9 Brigg ‘C’ 3, Crowle 9 Barton Pk ‘B’ 3, Brigg ‘C’ 9 Crowle 3, Railway Spts ‘C’ 9 Co-op 3,

Railway Spts ‘B’ 11 Sheffield Pk 1.

Ladies Division – There is no change at the top of the division as Cemetery Road on 36 points hold on to the top spot with the chasing pack gaining ground on them. Scunthorpe on 32 points have quietly maintained second place in the table while Burton Stather quietly hold on to third place on 22 points. Shires played a fixture at home against Burton Stather that produced an extremely close fought match that was ultimately decided by 3 shots overall. This match produced some good quality bowling from both teams with both squads matching one another in this close battle. After the encounter had concluded it was the visiting

Shires team that managed to secure the victory by 5 to 1 points (27 to 24 shots). The winning trio for the Shires was M. Wilkinson, S. Bennett, S. Cooper 15 to 12 shots and J. Rowe, J. Barr, R. Markham (Shires) versus R. Mumby, B. Dawson, M. Nash (Burton Stather) 12 shots each.

Results: Cemetery Rd 6 Messingham 0, Railway Spts 0 Bottesford 6, Messingham 2 Railway Spts 4,

Scunthorpe 4 Shires 2, Shires 5 Burton Stather 1

.1871A  1872A


The bowling green venue at North Lindsey provided the setting for the encounter between the visitors North Lindsey and the home team Bottesford ‘A’. As the match commenced it was the home rink of Jim Dale, Sheila Petchey and Bob Briggs that shot out of their starting blocks and soon found themselves leading their visitors by 8 to 2 shots. As this battle progressed on to the halfway point of the game it was the visiting rink that produced some awesome bowling to pull back the scores to trail by just 10 to 8 shots.

1873A  1874A


However the Bottesford rink maintained their calmness and managed to hold on through the final ends to eventually run out the winners by 30 to 15 shots. The Bottesford trio of Jim Aird, Dave Borrill and Mark Palmer found themselves with an early lead of just 6 to 4 shots and were determined to make their home green an advantage. The visiting North Lindsey trio however bowled well and tried hard to edge their way into the lead by playing some quality bowls which the home rink matched well. The Bottesford trio settled to their task and with some awesome bowling eventually extended their lead to 19 to 5 shots as the final five ends of the match had been reached. Throughout the rest of this duel both rinks continued to produce some interesting bowls but it was the Bottesford rink that finished with a welcomed victory of 29 to 7 shots. The home rink of Jean Ashley, John Ashley and Sharon Traves powered out of their starting blocks from the off building themselves a lead of 4 to 2 shots in the early stages of their match. Although the visiting rink made every


1875A  1876A

effort to take the lead they were unable to edge their way into the leading position and by the halfway stage of the match was reached the Bottesford trio were still leading their home opponents by an extended 14 to 3 shots. Continuing to play good consistent bowls the home rink sustained their form to extend their lead further and eventually ran out the winners with a comfortable victory of 26 to 12 shots. The home rink of Maureen Medhurst, George Matchett and Chris Robinson soon found themselves leading against their home North Lindsey opponents by 7 to 1 shots early in their encounter. The home rink continued to play some excellent bowls and managed to extend their lead over their opponents maintaining their advantage at 17 to 7 shots by the three quarter stage of the match had been reached. With a home rink in excellent form the final ends were played out they were able to retain their composure to eventually seal the victory by a satisfactory 22 to 12 shots. These individual rink results produced four rink wins to the Bottesford team securing the bonus 4 points for the highest shot difference by a comfortable 22 to 12 shots to give them the overall match victory by 12 to 0 points (107 to 46 shots) in what had been a confident performance by the Bottesford team.


The Scunthorpe and District Bowls League Eland Trophy (team competition) is progressing and the Semi Final Line-up is:

Railway Sports v Messingham, Highfield House v Scunthorpe (to be played by Sunday 28th July).


On Saturday 13th July, Humberside's county Adams and Newton teams travelled to Cleveland to play the final round of matches.  Both games were important but for different reasons.

The Newton team played a 'winner take all' match - the victors would go on to the National finals to represent the Northern counties against Suffolk at Skegness next month.

The match was a tight and fluctuating one, with the result not certain until the last end of the final rink . It was Humberside who were victorious by 5 shots which meant that they got the all-important extra 10 points for winning the aggregate.  Local players included Kylo Cranidge, Steve Clarke, Ian Pringle and Steve Redhead.

The Adams match was to decide who would avoid the 'wooden spoon' and Humberside were the winners.  Local players included Martyn Burman, Jason Gray, Paul Gray and Ben Sharpe.

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