SCUNTHORPE WEEKLY BOWLS REPORT for Scunthorpe Telegraph – 29.08.19


Division One – Shires on 162 points remain at the top of Division One but still have matches left to play. Second place is occupied by Cemex currently on 152 points followed by Cemetery Road on 118 points in third place and all these teams have matches still to play in the 2019 season’s fixture programme. Scotter hosted Rose Leisure in a fixture that proved to be a hard fought encounter for both clubs and only shots difference separating the teams. With both Clubs winning two out of the four rinks it was down to whichever club scored the most total shots to decide the overall result of this interesting battle. It was the home Scotter team that played well and scored an overall total of 5 shots more to secure the 4 bonus points for the overall shots difference giving them the match victory by 8 to 4 points (79 to 74 shots). The victorious rinks for Scotter were M. Johnson, C. Torrisi, R. Robinson 29 to 10 shots, E. Mell, G. Leaning, T. Whiteley 24 to 18 shots and for Rose Leisure I. Hatton, A. Scatchard, R. Greenan 22 to 11 shots, B. Coy, I. Wright, J. Coy 24 to 15 shots.

Results: Scotter 8 Rose Leisure 4, Highfield Hse 12 Rose Leisure 0.


2981a  2982a

Division Two – Bottesford ‘A’ on 137 points are in the top spot and are being followed by Winterton ‘A’ currently on 126 points are in second place with Brigg ‘A’ situated in third place on 120 points. Cemetery Road ‘B’ on 113 points are in fourth spot while Belton ‘A’ are lurking in fifth place on 111 points. Cemetery Road ‘B’ hosted Bottesford ‘A’ in a match that resulted in an 8 to 4 points (65 to 63 shots) victory to the visitors. In this interesting and extremely close encounter each team secured two winning rinks each and the victory was sealed by the team that took the bonus 4 points for the highest overall shots difference. After an excellent match in which both teams produced some competitive bowling it was the home Cemetery Road team that scored just 2 shots more than the Bottesford squad. The winning rinks for Cemetery Road ‘B’ were C. Horne, B. Harropp, C. Smith 19 to 11 shots, H. Brown, R. Bugg, J. Downs 19 to 13 shots and for Bottesford ‘A’ J. Morrison, G. Matchett, J. Ashley 21 to 11 shots, J. Aird, D. Borrill, M. Palmer 18 to 16 shots.

Results: Cemetery Rd ‘B’ 8 Bottesford 4, Brigg ‘A’ 11 Belton ‘A’ 1, Brigg ‘A’ 11 Kirton Lindsey 1,

Barton Park ‘A’ 2 Brigg ‘A’ 10.


2983a  2984a

Division Three – In this Division Shires ‘B’ are in first place with a current total of 124 points. Still hoping to secure promotion is second placed are Brigg ‘B’ with a current total of 123 points and still with games to play following an excellent season of results. Still in the promotion chasing positions are Belton ‘B’ on 121 points, Messingham ‘B’ on 115 points and Cemetery Road ‘C’ on 110 points. Rose Leisure ‘B’ faced a home match against a visiting Belton ‘B’ team and after a determined performance from the visiting team team they secured an 8 to 4 points (75 to 69 shots) close victory in which the both teams won two rinks each. After a match in which both teams produced some excellent bowls it was the home Belton team that held their nerve and scored just 6 shots overall more that the visitors. The triumphant rinks for Belton were B. Stone, C. Tate, D. Pennell 24 to 12 shots, I Rawlings, G. Abbott, M. Frankland 20 to 17 shots and for Rose Leisure D. Ward, J. Grooby, I. Marriott 22 to 14 shots, B. Coy, B. Woods, J. Coy 18 to 17 shots.

Results: Cemetery Rd ‘C’ 2 Barnetby 10, Cemetary Rd ‘C’ 10 Brigg ‘B’ 2, Scotter ‘B’ 2 Messingham ‘B’ 10,

Epworth ‘B’ 0 Shires ‘B’ 12, Cemetery Rd ‘C’ 10 Appleby Frod 2, Rose Leisure ‘B’ 4 Belton ‘B’ 8.


2985a  2986a

Division Four – Railway Sports ‘B’ with a current total of 154 points have sealed the Division title with one fixture still to fulfil. Crowle are in second place with a total of 108 points with Winterton ‘B’ on 102 points in third spot followed by Burton Stather ‘B’ who are in fourth place on 97 points. The match between Crowle and Railway Sports ‘C’ met turned out to be a positive performance form the home club. With the both teams playing extremely well it was the Crowle team that secured three winning rinks each and the home club also collecting the bonus 4 points for the highest shot difference by 23 shots this match resulted in a 10 to 2 points (81 to 58 shots) victory for the Crowle team. The successful rinks for Crowle were G. Oliver, S. Smurthwaite, V. Blackwell 26 to 9 shots, H. Smurthwaite, L. Blackwell, N. Aldam 21 to 17 shots, M. McAdam, M. Alderman, P. Brazzier 19 to 16 and for Railway Sports ‘C’ R. Cline, R. Greef, S. Guilliatt 16 to 15 shots


lts: Crowle 10 Railway Spts ‘C’ 2, Brigg ‘C’ 10 Bottersford 2.


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Ladies Division – In the Ladies Division Scunthorpe 50 points are hanging on to the top spot. A three team fight for second spot is taking place between Cemetery Road, Bottesford and Shires. An interesting close game took place between Railway Sports and the visiting team of Scunthorpe in which the overall shots tally determined the 4 to 2 points (43 to 24 shots) victory for the visiting Scunthorpe club. After an excellent competitive match both teams secured one rink each but it was the visitors that secured the valuable 2 extra points for the highest shot difference by just 19 shots overall. The victorious rink for Scunthorpe was D. Bryers, C. Boulton, S. Grimbleby 33 to 10 shots and for Railway Sports C. Gregg, A. Watson, E. Veail 14 to 10 shots.

Results: Shires 5 Railway Spts1, Railway Spts 0 Messingham 6, Railway Spts 2 Scunthorpe 4.


The Finals of the Scunthorpe & District Bowls League individual Knockout Competitions will be held at Shires Bowls Club on Saturday 31st September 2019. The Schedule will be as follows:


HOSPITAL CUP (Mens singles) - J. Markham (Shires) versus A. Bennett (Shires).

LYSAGHTS CUP (Ladies singles) - S. Cooper (Shires) versus J. Wardle (Kirton Lindsey).


CORUS CUP (Mixed Pairs) - J. Wressell, B. Harropp (Cemetery Rd) versus C. Smith, J. Dockrill (Cemetery Rd).

STAR SHIELD (Open triples) - D. Barnard, R. Hutchinson, P. Johnson (Scunthorpe) versus

W. Wilson, J. Close, K. Sylvester (Messingham).


JUBILEE CUP (Ladies pairs) - S. Cooper, R. Markham (Shires) versus J. Rowe, S. Bennett (Shires).

HUNTER CUP (Mens pairs) - A. Wardle, D. Potanier (Kirton Lindsey) versus A. Bennet, A. Willey (Shires).

Competitors & Markers please note: Dress Code will be Full Whites


The Scunthorpe & District Bowls League’s ‘Presentation Evening’ incorporating The Scunthorpe Triples League will be held at Redbourn Social Club on Friday 4th October 2019 from 7.00pm until midnight. Entertainment will be provided by the legendary local band ‘The Moggies’ singing a mixture of 60’s to present day material along with ‘Sounds Incorporated Disco. Tickets cost £8.50p per person and will include Pie, Chips and Peas supper with various Pre-booked options available. Posters for this event will be displayed at all Clubs and Tickets for this event should be obtained through your Club Secretary.


The Indoor Bowls Centre re-opens on Monday 2nd September 2019 for the start of the new Indoor Season with the Domestic League programme commencing on Monday 9th September 2019.


The closing date for Deposits for the Scunthorpe Annual trip to Potters Leisure Resort in Norfolk in April 2020 is Monday 16th September 2019. Although bookings can be taken after this date it is important that all Deposits are in so that an assessment can be made if further accommodation is required.

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