SCUNTHORPE WEEKLY BOWLS REPORT for Scunthorpe Telegraph – 22.08.19


Division One

Results: Messingham 3 Shires 9, Cemex 12 Messingham 0, Cemex 12 Barton BR 0, Highfiled Hse 12 Epworth 0,

Railway Spts 2 Scunthorpe 10, Highfield Hse 9 Railway Spts 3, Shires 12 Railway Spts 0.

Division Two

Results: Winterton A 10 Bottesford A 2, Burton Stather A 4 Winterton A 8, Cemetery Rd B 10 Nth Lindsey 2,

Cemetery Rd B 10 Kirton Lindsey 2, Bottesford A 10 Barton Pk 2, Kirton Lindsey 2 Scunthorpe B 10.

Division Three

Results: Epworth B 8 App Frod 4, Cemetery Rd C 10 Belton B 2, Belton B 8 Nth Kelsey 4, Nth Kelsey 2 Brigg B 10,

Rose Leisure B 2 Brigg B 10, Barnetby 4 Nth Kelsey 8.

Division Four

Results: Co-op 2 Sheffield Pk 10, Winterton B 8 Brigg C 4, Railway Spts C 7 Winterton B 5,

Railway Spts B 7 Crowle 5, Burton Stather B 4 Barton Pk B 8, Burton Stather B2 Crowle 10,

Brigg C 11 Railway Spts C 1, Barton Pk B 10 Bottesford B 2.

Ladies Division Results: Messingham 0 Winterton 6.

SPOTLIGHT ON.... Division Two – Kirton Lindsey versus Scunthorpe ‘B’


2281a  2282a

This intriguing clash between the home team Kirton Lindsey and visitors Scunthorpe ‘B’ developed into an excellent competitive match. It was an encounter that produced three winning rinks and the four bonus points for the highest overall shot difference by a margin of 13 shots for one team. The match started with the visiting Scunthorpe rink of E Ransom, Ray Brown and Margaret Dargue matching their home opponents bowl for bowl and soon finding themselves drawing at 5 shots each.


2283a  2284a

Producing some excellent bowls the visitors gently eased their way steadily into a 11 to 5 shots advantage by the halfway point in the game had been reached. Although the home Kirton trio continued to fight hard to try to get some kind of foothold in the match they found their visiting opponents a tough nut to crack and were unable to get on level terms eventually losing to the in-form Scunthorpe trio by 24 to 12 shots. The visiting Scunthorpe trio of Margaret Braithwaite, Dave Hobley and Tony Braithwaite soon found themselves with an early lead of 4 to 2 shots created with some excellent bowling. As this battle continued with some very competitive play from both sets of players it was the visiting Scunthorpe rink that maintained their lead at 6 to 5 shots by the time the match had reached the halfway stage. The home Kirton rink still playing well managed to pull the scores back and then took the lead by just 10 to 8 shots early in the second half of this battle. Over the final ends the Scunthorpe trio scored well to take the victory by a final score of 21 to 18 shots.


2285a  2286a

M. Brunton, J. Redhead and Mel Dobbs for the visiting Scunthorpe team soon found themselves trailing their Kirton opponents by an early score of 6 to 4 shots. As this match continued the visiting rink steadily fought back and then took the lead by 10 to 8 shots as the game reached just over the halfway stage of the match. At this point shaking themselves down the visiting trio knuckled down to their task and pulled back to retake the lead by 14 to 12 shots as the match reached the three quarter stage. After a competitive battle over the final ends the home rink were unable to retake the lead as the visiting Scunthorpe three just hung on in the match to eventually run out the winners by 19 to 16 shots. In the final rink match the home Kirton Lindsey trio of Jane Wardle, Jeff Wilson and Adrian Wardle led their Scotter opponents early in their game by just 3 to 1 shots. This encounter continued with the home rink playing well and securing an advantage of 10 to 7 shots by the halfway stage in the match had been reached. The home rink stuck to their task by playing some excellent bowls and with a single end left in the match they were leading by 19 to 15 shots. After a great battle on the final end it was the home Kirton Lindsey rink that again won the end scoring a single shot to secure the victory by 20 to 15 shots. After all the rink scores had been collated the overall result was a victory for the visiting Scunthorpe team by 10 to 2 points (79 to 66 shots) after competing in a very hard fought encounter.



2287a  2288a


The Scunthorpe & District Bowls (Outdoor) League ‘Individual Competition Trophies’ should be returned to Ray Robinson as soon as possible. Please contact Ray by telephone or Email etc. to arrange details.


The Indoor Bowls Centre re-opens on Monday 2nd September 2019 for the start of the new Indoor Season with the Domestic League programme commencing on Monday 9th September 2019.


The closing date for Deposits for the Scunthorpe Annual trip to Potters Leisure Resort in Norfolk in April 2020 is Monday 16th September 2019. Although bookings can be taken after this date it is important that all Deposits are in so that an assessment can be made if further accommodation is required.

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