SCUNTHORPE WEEKLY BOWLS REPORT for Scunthorpe Telegraph – 15.08.19


Division One – Shires on 141 points remain at the top of the Division One table having maintained a lead of 13 points over the second place challengers Cemex on 128 points. Cemetery Road are currently lying in third place on 118 points and are being followed by Scunthorpe who are 19 points adrift of them in fourth place on 99 points. Scunthorpe playing at home to visitors Rose Leisure was an encounter in which both clubs needed a positive result to help them maintain their fight for the Division title. Then with both squads settled onto the Scunthorpe playing surface well in a match that turned out to be a very competitively fought encounter. At the end of this evenly balanced battle it was the home Scunthorpe team that secured two rink wins and the overall shots difference by just 5 shots to take the match victory by 8 to 4 points (71 to 66 shots) leaving a stunned home Roses team disappointed on having so closely missed out on a victory. Victorious rinks for Scunthorpe were R. Hindmarsh, D. Barnard, T. Smalley 23 to 8 shots, R. Hutchinson, D. Thompson, S. Blakey 18 to 14 shots and for Rose Leisure G. Hobson, G. Tucker, J. Coy 24 to 14 shots, I. Hatton, F. Melbourne, I. Marriott 20 to 16 shots.

RESULTS: Scunthorpe 8 Rose Leis 4, Rose Leis 0 Shires 12, Rose Leis 0 Cemex 12, Barton BR 4 Railway Spts 8,

Cemetery Rd 8 Barton BR 4.

Division Two – A total of 11 points currently separates first place Bottesford ‘A’ on 121 points and Belton ‘A’ on 110 points in second spot followed by Winterton ‘A’ on 108 points in third place. Barton Pk ‘A’ are lying in fourth place on 91 points. A close battle took place when Bottesford ‘A’ faced a difficult home fixture hosting Brigg ‘A’ in a match in which a profitable result was needed to keep the pressure on those teams around them. With both teams managing to secure two rink wins each the match victory came down to whichever team collected the overall shot difference and the match points would take the overall match win. It was the home Bottesford team that collected the extra 4 points for the shot difference by just a single shot giving them a welcomed hard earned victory by 8 to 4 points (65 to 64 shots). Winning rinks for Bottesford were J. Aird, D. Borrill, B. Briggs 19 to 12 shots, M. Medhurst, G. Matchett, C. Robinson 15 to 14 shots and for Brigg J. Tippett, P. Findley, J. Greaves 18 to 14 shots, R. Heath, E. Gardner, P. Jacques 20 to 17 shots.

RESULTS: Bottesford ‘A’ 8 Brigg ‘A’ 4, Scunthorpe ‘B’ 8 Belton ‘A 4, Brigg ‘A’ 10 Nth Lindsey 2,

Burton Stather ‘A’ 8 Scunthorpe ‘B’ 4, Belton ‘A’ 2 Barton Pk ‘A’ 10, Nth Lindsey 7 Kirton Lindsey 5,

Barton Pk ‘A’ 12 Cemetery Rd ‘B’ 0, Kirton Lindsey 8 Burton Stather ‘A’ 4,

Appleby Frod 2 Winterton ‘A’ 10.

Division Three – Shires ‘B’ on 112 points currently lead this Division with a margin of 7 points over their nearest rivals Messingham ‘B’ on 105 points and two games in-hand over the leaders. Residing in third place only 2 points below Belton ‘B’ on 103 points followed by Brigg ‘B who are chasing promotion in fourth place on 101 points and also have two matches in hand over the leaders. A battle of two lower table teams took place when Cemetery Road ‘C’ visited Barnetby in an encounter that produced another fairly close result. With each team securing two rinks wins each it left only the overall shot difference to determine the final result from what had been an extremely competitively fought game. It was the visiting Cemetery Road team that came up with the goods and took the overall shot difference by a margin of 14 shots adding the 4 points to their tally to take the victory by 8 to 4 points (78 to 64 shots) after a display of quality play. Winning rinks for Cemetery Road were R. Meakin, B. Kelly, C. Horne 24 to 12 shots, R. Bugg, J. Wressell, S. Miller 25 to 17 shots and for Barnetby M. Barkley, K. Booker, J. Barkley 18 to 15 shots, S. Hart, M. Cooper, T. Bryant 17 to 14 shots.

RESULTS: Barnetby 4 Cemetery Rd ‘C’ 8, Barnetby 4 Appleby Frod 8, Rose Leis ‘B’ 10 Appleby Frod.2,

Messingham ‘B’10 Epworth ‘B’ 2, Appleby Frod 12 Scotter ‘B’ 0, Shires ‘B’ 2 Rose Leis ‘B’ 10.

Division Four – Railway Spts ‘B’ on 147 points remain in the lead in the table over second placed Burton Stather ‘B’ who are now on 91 points with third placed Co-op just a single point behind followed by Winterton ‘B’ in fourth place on 89 points. An interesting match took place when Sheffield Park visited Barton Park ‘B’ both teams that are languishing in the lower half of the table. In a match that produced some excellent it was the visiting Sheffield Park team that secured three rink wins with the home Barton Park team collecting the 4 match points for the highest shot difference securing a drawn game by 6 points each (78 to 75 shots). Winning rinks for Sheffield Park were J. Mallam, D. Sleight, T. Ingledew 27 to 15 shots, C. Sleight, S. Snell, K. Seymour 22 to 19 shots, T. Seymour, S. Way, R. Wither 19 to 14 shots and for Barton Park S. Jobling, J. Ashworth, B. Clayton 30 to 7 shots.

RESULTS: Barton Pk ‘B’ 6 Sheffield Pk 6, Crowle 10 Co-op 2, Burton Stather ‘B’ 3 Railway Spts ‘C’ 9.

Ladies Division – Scunthorpe on 46 points are still residing at the top of the table with a margin of a single point over Cemetery Rd on 45 points who have consolidated their position in the second spot over Bottesford in third place on 39 points. These three top teams have all played the same number of games making this an interesting battle for the title. Current top of the Division Scunthorpe played at home against a Bottesford team who are currently third in the table and still pushing for the title. It was a determined Bottesford side that arrived at Scunthorpe and started the match playing some excellent bowls. After a top class performance by the visitors it was the Bottesford team that secured two rink wins and the match points for the highest total shot difference by 10 shots managing to win the game by 6 to 0 points (37 to 27 shots). The victorious rinks for Bottesford were M. Medhurst, J. Selby, C. Robinson 21 to 12 shots, H. Maud, S. Terry, S. Traves 16 to 15 shots.

RESULTS: Scunthorpe 0 Bottesford 6, Shires 6 Messingham 0, Railway Spts 6 Cemetery Rd 0, Shires 6 Winterton 0.


1581a  1582a

SPOTLIGHT ON.... ELAND TROPHY FINAL – Scunthorpe versus Railway Sports.

The Final of the Scunthorpe & District Bowls League Eland Trophy team knockout competition was contested between Scunthorpe and Railway Sports at Belton Bowls Club green. The encounter turned out to be a well fought encounter with both teams producing some great bowls that was watched by a number of interested spectators. As the game commenced the Scunthorpe trio of Julie Todd, Stuart Todd and Sue Brumton playing against two players charged off into an early lead of 9 to 2 shots and by the midpoint of the match had been reached they had extended their advantage to lead by 21 to 2 shots.


1583a  1584a

Continuing to produce the goods the Scunthorpe rink increased their lead in these final ends of the match eventually finishing with a victory over the visitors of 42 to 6 shots. Scunthorpe’s rink of Chris Williams, Margaret Braithwaite and Tony Braithwaite soon found themselves leading their two Railway opponents early in their encounter by 3 to 1 shots but as the match moved on the battle remained extremely evenly balanced. Both sets of players matched one another over the next few ends and by the halfway stage of the match had been reached were locked at 7 shots each. However the battle continued the Scunthorpe rink managed to increase their form and edged into the lead by 15 to 11 shots by the three quarter stage of this very competitive battle. Over the final ends of the game the Scunthorpe trio extended their lead to clinch the rink victory by 25 to 11 shots. The Scunthorpe three of Ray Brown, Mel Dobbs and Margaret Dargue soon found themselves leading against their Railway Sports opponents by 3 to 4 shots early in their encounter and continued to produce excellent bowls that maintained their lead of 8 to 4 shots by the halfway stage of the match was reached.


1585a  1586a

As this hard fought match continued the Railway Sports trio managed with some consistent play to stop their opponents from extending their lead. In the final ends of this intriguing game and with both rinks battling hard it was the Scunthorpe rink that managed to extend their lead to finish this hard fought encounter with a victory by 20 to 9 shots. The final rink match took place with the Scunthorpe three of Pete Ransom, Pete Collins and Brian Storrs finding themselves trailing their Cemetery Road opponents early in their game by 5 to 3 shots. Undaunted they fought hard and were able to claw the deficit back to draw level at 8 shots each as the midpoint of the match was reached. At this stage in the battle the Scunthorpe rink started to turn the game around and with some excellent play took the lead by 16 to 9 shots.



1587a  1588a

With some very consistent bowling the Scunthorpe rink managed to hold their nerve and eventually closed the game out by securing the rink victory for the Scunthorpe team by 18 to 16 shots. With all four rink encounters completed it was the Scunthorpe team that took the overall team victory by a total of 105 to 42 shots securing the Eland Trophy for the Scunthorpe Club. Following the completion of the match the Scunthorpe and District Bowls League’s General Secretary (Cemetery Road B.C.) thanked the Belton Club for hosting the Final and the hospitality they provided both to the players and spectators. The General Secretary then presented the runners-up Trophy to the Captain of the Railway Sports team and then followed that with the presentation of the Eland Trophy to the Captain of the jubilant Scunthorpe team.


The Scunthorpe and District Bowls League Individual Competitions are progressing and the Semi-Final line-ups to be played by Sunday 18th August on Neutral Greens are as follows:

HOSPITAL CUP (Mens singles).

N. Poole v J. Markham, A. Bennett v A, Willey.

HUNTER CUP (Men’s pairs)

A. Wardle v R. Robinson, A. Bennett v G. Teal.

STAR SHIELD (Open triples)

D. Barnard (already thro’ Final), C. Read v W. Wilson.

LYSAGHTS CUP (Ladies singles)

S. Cooper (already thro’ Final), S. Brunton v J. Wardle

JUBILEE CUP (Ladies pairs)

S. Cooper and J. Rowe (already thro’ to Final)..

CORUS CUP (Mixed Pairs)

J. Wressell (already thro’ to Final), A. Wardle v C. Smith.


The closing date for Deposits for the Scunthorpe Annual trip to Potters Leisure Resort in Norfolk in April 2020 is Monday 16th September 2019. Although bookings can be taken after this date it is important that all Deposits are in so that an assessment can be made if further accommodation is required.

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