SCUNTHORPE WEEKLY BOWLS REPORT for Scunthorpe Telegraph – 01.08.19


Division One – Shires have increased their lead in the division to 129 points a margin of 23 points over Cemex who have crept into second place on 106 points. Cemetery Road on 100 points have dropped into third place with Scunthorpe shadowing them in fourth spot on 83 points. Shires are definitely looking in the right form for the League title if they can stand the pressure as they head towards the end of the season. However you can’t count out the second, third and fourth placed teams as they slowly climb the table waiting for any slip up by the leaders. Cemetery Road found it tough going when they played an away game against Cemex in which both teams produced some excellent competitive form. After a very close fought encounter the home Cemex team managed to win two and draw one rink out of the four rinks so it came down to the 4 points for the overall shot difference that determined which way the final result would go. The hoome team managed to score overall four shots more than the visiting Cemetery Road team resulting in the Cemex squad them securing the victory by 9 to 3 points (71 to 67 shots). Victorious rinks for Cemex were N. Hall, S. Redhead, B. Sharpe 21 to 11 shots, J. Hutchinson, R. Smith, P. Gray 18 to 17 shots and for Cemetery Road G. Boden, J. Deboer, V. Deboer 21 to 14 shots and H. Horsewood, A. Godfrey, J. Gray (Cemex) v H. Brown, N. Poole, R. Skinner (Cemetery Road) 18 shots each.

Results: Messingham 10 Barton BR 2, Cemex 9 Cemetery Rd 3, Cemex 10 Railway Spts 2,

Rose Leis 12 Highfield Hse 0, Scunthorpe 10 Epworth 2, Railway Spts 0 Rose Leis. 12,

Shires 11 Barton BR 1, Shires 10 Scotter 2, Scotter 10 Higfield Hse 2.

Division Two – The in-form Belton ‘A’ team on 104 points have taken over at the top of the Division with just a 3 points lead over second placed Bottesford ’A’ on 101 points. Winterton ‘A’ are in third spot on 92 points followed by fourth placed Cemetery Road ‘B’ on 83 points and both are maintaining the pressure on the leaders in the hunt for the Division title. Bottesford ‘A’ travelled to Belton ‘A’ and found it tough going but managed to win two rinks in this top of the table battle. Both teams delivered an interesting display of competitive bowling as they each battled to get a positive result from this fixture. Finally it was the home Belton team that turned their home green into their advantage and claimed the extra points for the highest overall shot difference by the margin of 13 shots giving them the bonus 4 points along with the overall victory by 8 to 4 points (76 to 63 shots). Successful rinks for Belton ‘A’ were I. Rawlings, C. Trinder, M. Allen 27 to 14 shots, C. Tate, G. Snowden, M. Frankland 24 to 9 shots and for Bottesford ‘A’ M. Medhurst, B. Gunnis, C. Robinsion 18 to 9 shots, J. Aird, D. Borrill, M. Palmer 22 to 16 shots.

Results: Brigg ‘A’ 10 Scunthorpe ‘B’ 2, Winterton ‘A’ 10 North Lindsey 2, Belton ‘A’ 8 Bottesford ‘A' 4 .

Division Three – A total of 2 points separates the leaders Belton ‘B’ on 103 points from second placed Brigg ‘B’ on 101 points after the leaders had taken 9 points from their last home game. Hovering in third place is Shires ‘B’ on 100 points who have pushed Messingham on 95 points down to fourth place and they are followed by North Kelsey on 94 points in fifth place. Scotter ‘B’ played a home fixture against Brigg ‘B’ that finished with an overall shots difference of 12 shots. One of these teams is situated in the lower half of the division and the other at the top and both of them needed a positive result. After an extremely close fought encounter in which the both teams secured 4 points for two rink wins it left to the 4 points for the overall shot difference once again to determine the victorious team. After some quality competitive play from both teams the final result was 12 shots difference overall the four rinks for the visiting Brigg ‘B’ team who won the match by 8 to 4 points (83 to 71 shots). Successful rinks for Brigg ‘B’ were S. Hutchinson, N. Berry, J. Chudley 32 to 14 shots, M. Berry, W. Mason, B. Clark 19 to 17 shots and for Scotter’B’ J. Clark, S. Fellows, R. Shucksmith 22 to 18 shots and J. Hunsley, B. Cranmer, T. Mell 18 to 14 shots.

Results: Scotter ‘B’ 4 Brigg ‘B’ 8, Nth Kelsey 12 Barnetby 0, Messingham ‘B’ 10 Shires’B’ 2,

Belton ‘B’ 9 Epworth ‘B’ 3, Appleby Frod 0 Shires ‘B’ 12, Brigg ‘B’ 12 Cemetery Rd C’ 0.

Division Four – There is change at the top of this division as the experienced in-form Railway Sports ‘B’ team on 139 points are resident in the lead at the top of the Division with the Co-op team who are a credit to the League and the other Clubs as they are fulfilling their fixture obligations sometimes with players short in the team due to lack of members on 88 points in second place. Third placed Winterton ‘B’ on 85 points are followed by Railway Sports ‘C’ sitting in fourth spot in the table on 77 points after slipping down from second place last week. Railway Sports ’C’ currently at the top end of the table faced a fixture at home against visitors Bottesford ‘B’ who prior to the match were at the bottom end of the table. After a real battle of attrition each team secured two rink wins each resulting in whichever team collected the most total number of shots across all rinks would take the victory. In such a close fought battle as the last bowls came to rest both teams finished remarkably 65 shots each resulting in a drawn match of 6 points each (65 to 65 shots). Winning rinks for Railway Sports ‘C’ were K. Dixon, K. Wakefield, R. Parkes 19 to 14 shots, J. Guilliett, S. Wakefield, K. Covel 18 to 12 shots and for Bottesford ‘B’ M. Robinson, I Morrison, G. Matchett 20 to 14 shots, B. Dixon, H. Strutt, D. Robinson 19 to 14 shots.

Results: Brigg ‘C’ 2 Railway Spts ‘B’ 10, Bottesford ‘B’ 0 Co-op 12, Barton Pk ‘B’ 9 Winterton ‘B’ 3,

Railway Spts ‘C’ 6 Bottesford ‘B’ 6, Burton Stather 4 Winterton ‘B’ 8, Brigg ‘C’ 12 Winterton ‘B’ 0,

Railway Spts ‘B’ 12 Burton Stather ‘B’ 0, Winterton ‘B’ 10 Crowle 2, Co-op 8 Barton Pk ‘B’ 4.

Ladies Division – Scunthorpe on 44 points remain in the top spot in this Division with a 7 points gap over second placed Cemetery Road on 37 points. Bottesford on 31 points have steadily crept up the table and are residing in third place. An extremely close match took place between the home team Burton Stather and visitors Cemetery Road in a battle in which the result was determined by the 2 points given for the highest shots difference of just 3 shots deciding the result. At the end of this enthralling highly competitive battle it was the home team that had the edge on their green and took the victory by 5 to 1 points (29 to 26 shots). The successful rink for Burton Stather was J. Grey, I. Cook. B. Dawson 15 to 12 shots and S. Greenwood, M. Taylor, M. Nash versus J. Dockrill, C. Horne, J. Wressell 14 shots each.

Results: Bottesford 0 Winterton 6, Winterton 6 Messingham 0, Burton Stather 5 Cemetery Rd 1,

Bottesford 4 Shires 2, Burton Stather 0 Bottesford 6.

SPOTLIGHT ON.... Eland Trophy Semi-Final – Railway Sports versus Messingham.


018191a   018192a

On a pleasant warm summer evening Railway Sports faced a two rinks at home and two rinks away match against Messingham team. The Railway home rink of Steve Guilliatt, Dave Horton and Chris Read steadily emerged from their starting blocks and found themselves leading their visiting Messingham opponents by an early score-line of 8 to 0 shots. As the game continued the home trio started to increase their form and accelerated away from their Messingham opponents extending their lead to 12 to 1 shots by the mid-point of the match had been reached. As the encounter continued the home rink further extended their lead finish with a comfortable victory by 34 to 9 shots.


018193a   018194a

The visiting Messingham rink of Ian Robinson, Mike Parsons and Dave Saxby found themselves trailing to their visiting opponents by just 6 to 1 shots early in the match. As this match progressed on the visiting trio continued to deliver some competitive bowls gradually improving their form and eventually clawed their opponents lead back to 12 shots each by the three quarter stage of this fascinating encounter was reached. As the final five ends of this battle was played out with some confident and dominating play from both rinks the Messingham rink managed to score 3 shots to their home Railway opponents 2 shots giving the visiting Messingham trio the rink win with a final score of 15 to 14 shots.


018195a  018196a

At the Messingham venue the Messingham rink of Ray Belk, Graham Clarke and Keith Shaw casually eased out of their starting blocks and found themselves leading their visiting Railway opponents early in their match by 8 to 2 shots. The home trio continued to produce excellent bowls and were able to extend their lead to 10 to 7 shots as the halfway stage of the match was reached. This competitive duel continued with the home rink playing some quality bowls and in the final ends of the match they maintained their composure to take the victory by 21 to 14 shots. The home Messingham rink of John Close, Wilf Wilson and Keith Sylvester found themselves in the early stages of their match trailing their visiting Railway opponents by 8 to 2 shots. With both rinks looking in great form on the day the visiting trio managed to maintain their lead by 11 to 5 shots as the halfway point in the game was reached. In the second half of the battle the Messingham rink started to win the ends and clawing the scores back to trail by just 11 to 13 shots. The final ends produced some quality bowling from both rinks but it was the home Messingham trio that remained calm and took the lead and held on to come back and secure the victory by 20 to 14 shots in what had been a real battle of attrition.


018197a   018198a

After the final ends on all the four rinks had been completed the overall result was a satisfying victory for the Railway Sports team by an overall total shots score of 79 to 65 shots that took them through to the Final.


The Scunthorpe and District Bowls League Individual Knockout Competitions are progressing and the Quarter Final line-ups are to be played by Wednesday 7th August are as follows:

HOSPITAL CUP (Mens singles) Quarter Final line-ups.

D. Portanier v N. Poole, J. Markham v W. Guilliatt, A. Bennett v V. Deboer, R. Kelly v A. Willey.

HUNTER CUP (Men’s pairs)

A. Wardle v W. Wooldridge, R. Robinson v I. Robinson, A. Bennett v M. Pruett, M. Frankland v G. Teal.

STAR SHIELD (Open triples)

G. Boden v W. Wilson with M. Dargue, D. Barnard, C. Read (already thro’ to Semi-Finals).

LYSAGHTS CUP (Ladies singles)

G. Borrill v C. Horne, M. Portanier v S. Cooper, T. Allen v S. Brunton, J. Wardle v J. Wressell.

JUBILEE CUP (Ladies pairs)

S. Cooper v S. Newlove, G. Windsor v M. Portanier, J. Rowe v J. Wressell, T. Allen v J. Wardle.

CORUS CUP (Mixed Pairs)

G. Teal v W. Wooldridge, S. Brunton v J. Wressell, N. Poole v A. Wardle, C. Smith v T. Allen.


The Eland Final will take place on Saturday 10th August 2019 at Belton B.C. The Final will be contested between Railway Sports and Scunthorpe and will commence at 2.00pm


The Scunthorpe & District Bowls (Outdoor) League ‘Individual Competition Trophies’ should be returned to Ray Robinson as soon as possible. Please contact Ray by telephone or Email etc. to arrange details.


A number of Scunthorpe bowlers qualified for the Bowls Lincolnshire (EBA) Ladies County Finals held at Dunholme Bowls Club.

In the Ladies Over 55’s Final the Scunthorpe rink of Jenny Rowe, Sue Bennett, Sue Cooper and Rena Markham of Shires Bowls Club played against a Dunholme rink. Early in their match the Shires rink took a lead of 7 to 3 shots and the in-form Shires quartet had increased their lead to 13 to 3 shots by the halfway stage. Maintaining their form the Shires four went on to lead by 20 to 5 shots at which point their opponents gracefully accepted defeat.

In the Bowls Lincolnshire (EBA) Men’s County Finals held at Clee Bowls Club the Scunthorpe trio of Neil Rowe, Tony Gilroy, Ben Sharpe of Shires Bowls Club played in the Triples Final. They faced a formidable Mail Cart, Spalding rink containing current internationals in a match that produced an extremely close competitive battle. After a match of the delivered some awesome bowling the end result was a draw of 18 shots each. So a deciding end was played out with the Shires trio eventually securing 2 shots to take the victory. Both the Shires Ladies and the Shires Men now qualify for the National Championships to be held at Royal Leamington Spa in August. Well Done to all.

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