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"Short History"
The first League meeting was held at the Crosby Hotel on May 7th 1925 with President: W. T. Langford,  Chairman: W. Woolsey,  Secretary: F. Brumby.

The Committee had a representative from each of the following clubs: 
North Lindsey, United Services, Frodingham Works, St. Lawrence, Highfield and Ashby Mill Road.  Each member club paid 5/- (25p) to league funds. The first dinner was held at the Crosby Hotel on October 31st 1925 at 3/6 (18p) per head.

A deficit of 8/2 (41p) was recorded on the first year's working so the levy on each club was raised to 10/6 (53p). The number of teams was increased to 12 in 1926 and only bias three woods were allowed. A Mr. Ellis was informed that his woods were not the correct bias and he was banned from using them in league matches.

Ten players originally formed a team. This changed in 1947 and teams became four rinks of three.  A second division was formed in 1948 with App-Frod 2nd, North Lindsey 2nd, Lysaghts 2nd, Messingham, Barton Brigg Road and Police as members. In 1952 ladies were permitted to play in the men's teams and a Ladies division was formed in 1960.

There have been many changes over the years with new clubs being formed, but with the closure of many of the heavy industries in the area, a number of clubs have disappeared or changed their names. The only club that remains today from the original six clubs with the original name is North Lindsey Bowling Club. The number of divisions had increased over the years with the fifth division being formed in 1986 but recently the division has been disbanded. Four trophies were played for in the knock-out competitions from 1975, they were the Hospital Cup, Hunter Cup, Star Shield and Eland Trophy. The Jubilee Cup for the ladies pairs was introduced in 1978 and the Lysaghts Cup in 1984 for the ladies singles. A mixed pairs knock-out competition for the Corus Cup was introduced in 2014.

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